Call of Duty: Black Ops Hands On Demo


Call of Duty: Black Ops Hands On Demo

Tue, Sep 7, 2010


With the popularity of Modern Warfare Two, it’s no surprise that Call of Duty: Black Ops is ready to take the gaming nation by storm. Kevin Pereira, Morgan Webb and Mark Lamia, Studio Head of Treyarch, give a demo for the highly anticipated FPS. For more on Call of Duty: Black Ops, go here:

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  1. hoolahoop75 Says:

    @shocktartboy its hard to beat battlefeild on anything

  2. tommybee96 Says:

    @lilcajunfever its like a little winking eye.. like ;) i think..

  3. SuperPeNat Says:

    @lilcajunfever its an upwards thumb, stands for yes :) (Y)

  4. shocktartboy Says:

    Hard to beat Battlefield 2 on helicopter MADDNESS

  5. LazyDuckling1 Says:

    hehe (.Y.)

  6. crowbarjordan123 Says:

    i went to psn stor typed in call of duty black ops hands on demo and diddnt come up

  7. crowbarjordan123 Says:

    @GASownesyou no cod 3

  8. riflexpert Says:

    I like how they say they really listened to the community. Why can’t I host my own dedicated servers, and I am forced to buy from Gameservers, gg Activision.

  9. TheCrysis95 Says:

    mark lamia, director of treyarch, you gonna cry for so much kick in the ass from halo reach, only infinity ward would ONLY TRY to beat Bungie… activision, you fail attacking infinity ward, and you’ll pay for that!

  10. iiPeeMilk Says:

    @Eff3ct3D This game is in freakin 1960′s

  11. iiPeeMilk Says:

    @RossRattray98 Dude, they are both awesome

  12. Eff3ct3D Says:

    I wonder if Price is still alive,now he’s going to be zombie or what?

  13. lilcajunfever Says:

    @GASownesyou What does it mean when someone puts “(Y)” at the end of their comment?

  14. UnwashedBowl Says:

    @emperorskorp It’s not about who steals from who, it’s about moving forward, it’s about progress. All that matters is that something is being improved. It’s like guitar hero, then rock band. Metal gear solid, then splinter cell. It’s all about striving to create a better experience.

  15. nikas333 Says:

    i have a question
    MI-24 HIND has missiles?? I thought it only has a co-pilot’s gun

  16. AKwhiteboy907 Says:

    @emperorskorp dude dice woesnt the first game that u got to fly helicopters and blow shit up

  17. AKwhiteboy907 Says:

    i own a xbox 360 becuase they are cheaper then a ps3 i like both consoles i dont get why ppl make a big deal about xbox 360′s and ps3′s come on does it really matter?

  18. emperorskorp Says:

    REALLY! motherfuckers copied battlefield maybe they ran out of shit and decided to steal from dice that’s why i hate cod games. fuck them, BATTLEFIELD forever!

  19. ShiroiWulf Says:

    @UnknownGruunt Ps3 graphics are better you fucking dumb bitch.

  20. iaMRecoiLzZx Says:

    Cod 4 Ftw

  21. Snipa47Fan Says:


  22. ChrisisBass13 Says:

    @TheDemoncrater learn proper grammar.

  23. OMFGowned1234 Says:

    i want zombie mode

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