Call of Duty: Black Ops – Mr. Black OP


Call of Duty: Black Ops – Mr. Black OP

Wed, May 4, 2011


Jack and Geoff sneak around the WMD level in Call of Duty: Black Ops and pick up the “Mr. Black OP” achievement. Shhh, I’m hunting Russians!


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  1. peshmarge100 Says:

    MOH is the best!

  2. 13roken4ngel Says:

    I didnt know the ai take them out if u get close i sniped all of them myself. took forever

  3. TezmOsA Says:

    @theamitlifeTV best COD ever was cod1

  4. ogge125 Says:

    @ShowTimeK0 glad to help. :)

  5. mysticmacmagic122 Says:

    i downloaded the demo for this game, i could do it, i could get the trophy( even though its not real) but when i got the real game, i cant do it all of a sudden

  6. rogueninja199 Says:

    thanks guys

  7. ShowTimeK0 Says:

    @ogge125 thanks

  8. ogge125 Says:

    @ShowTimeK0 yes

  9. ShowTimeK0 Says:

    can you get this on the easiest difficulty

  10. mrsandi911 Says:

    thanks guys i was stuck on this 1 for a while

  11. TheExploud350 Says:

    I makes the alarm go to hear mw2 nuke sound XD

  12. BlackBullNDN Says:

    Finally, someone has saw Resevior dogs :)

  13. jetfight11 Says:

    vet first try

  14. Sgtkillbot Says:

    i was like the 12th one to ear this achievement

  15. mralberto911 Says:

    LoL you didn’t let the other guy talk that’s was nasty

  16. Apackof10Kittys Says:

    i got this the first time i played without trying

  17. coolguy10112 Says:

    @YamaSkateboarding wmd

  18. YamaSkateboarding Says:

    what is the name of the mission ?

  19. ilikemoosic12 Says:

    i all ready got it befor you

  20. shazriq1998 Says:

    i get the achivement duing my 20th time :)) before i watch this video

  21. siddbastard Says:


  22. devlinbassline Says:

    Yeah baby did it on my 2nd try

  23. kittyhasagun Says:

    @ntube7 i got this by accident with the crossbow people even ran away and somehow i got it

  24. MeadTrevor7 Says:

    aha “yay for video games”

  25. tholke Says:

    What u- aww you asshole -_-

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