Call of Duty Black Ops Multiplayer monthly fee?


Call of Duty Black Ops Multiplayer monthly fee?

Mon, Sep 27, 2010


I’ve heard rumors of a monthly fee (outside of xbox live or playstation +) for playing Call of Duty Black Ops online. Is this true?

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  1. Jack Mccormick Says:


  2. awesomeness. Says:

    i doubt it or no one would buy that game

  3. Switch Blade Says:

    no…O_o i hope not!!

  4. hurrifan2424 Says:

    This is just a comment that was made by some douchebag in the gaming world. He said that Call of Duty and Starcraft should start a monthly fee before the end of the year but if they did that, their game sales would easily be cut in half. I know I wouldn’t buy any COD games if it charged for multiplayer. Imagine how many xbox gamers would be pissed having to pay for xbox live then pay again to play COD online. it won’t happen on Black Ops.

  5. Joey B Says:

    If all the other call of duty games dont have fees why would this have it.

    Q:monthly fee?


  6. rallis987 Says:

    No, it’s just a rumor some loser made up to scare everyone, it’s been confirmed that there won’t be a monthly fee on multiple sites. is one of them. You can also use this website to keep up with what’s going on in Black Ops.

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