Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer – Rewind Theater


Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer – Rewind Theater

Sun, Aug 22, 2010


Every tidbit of info you could ever hope for in one easy-to-watch video.

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  1. TheReeceiboi Says:

    wow i’ve watched this video so meany times and i only noticed half the stuff that was mentioned so yeah this have to give this tumbs up

  2. calazopallanez Says:

    Another mw2… crysis 2 wins.

  3. kratos85 Says:

    @wildabeeeest u can do that with pred missle in mw2 just go straight up and turn it and go for someone going sideways instead of straight down.

  4. GamerTyler4ml Says:

    @EnigmaCaptain23 ROFL xD

  5. lordifos Says:

    smiley face ftw

  6. Sjpanda Says:

    @undefyed90 You must have not read my comment at all. First of all weapons in Black OPs all have more recoil compared to guns in MW2. The Aim Bounce fix perk wouldn’t really affected a soldier vs sniper situation since most sniper shots kill in one shot. Since they added recoil to all the guns it gets rid of the annoying situation where Sniper get taken out easy by AR wielders. First of all COD has never been realistic. I’ll say it again, if you want realism go play Operation Flashpoint.

  7. wildabeeeest Says:

    look at 3:12 the missile comes around the building! how the fuck is treyarch gonna make that work

  8. undefyed90 Says:

    @Sjpanda yeah i know but it would be unfair. Thknk about If your shooting someone youtr M4 or an ACR. Its a pretty accurate gun. But if you are shooting someone who’s sniping or has something more powerful then they have the chance to line up the shot before they die and may very well kill you before you can. With the “aim bounce” the way it is now prevents the fact. You get what im saying. They try to make the game as realistic as they can. Its not some 80′s low budget arcade game.

  9. undefyed90 Says:

    @MrVanillaSoda okay thats the way ive been trying to explain that game lol. It is really fun when with friends. But your constantly getting put into games that are just about to end which adds a loss to yor record and you get put into matched where someone on the other team is on a killstreak and you fall prey to their streak. If you want to be competitive, hit up WAW for that shit. No offense to MW2 fans but MW2 ruined the COD franchise for the hardcore fans.

  10. undefyed90 Says:

    @MrVanillaSoda im just saying its one thing where if your in a tough spot and you drop shot to get the kills yeah that is strategic. But i have played games where the same dude will run around the map and all he would do is jump the then drop prone. Thats the stupid part. MW2 made camping crazyt with those tact insertions. if your sitting in a spot for a while getting kills is cool but it sucks when they use tact insertinos to keep a spot. campoing should only be allowed for snipers.

  11. Rapidkid12 Says:

    robin hood time

  12. iPwnchChickens Says:

    @SuperIMANOOB what do u mean?

  13. GHSTID Says:

    The map is called, Launch.

  14. Dcamilleri1 Says:

    dude i just wanted to say, its not the first time treyarch is using a sticky grenade. there is 1 in world at war -.-

  15. SlightlyDumm Says:

    @jesusfhfhfhfhfhfhfhf FAGG

  16. sailor5687 Says:

    infinity ward sucks

  17. kosma72 Says:

    @jesusfhfhfhfhfhfhfhf i hate you

  18. minjoon94 Says:

    i hope that when the guy jumps,
    it isnt just a stupid roll
    but a leap for his fucking life!!!!

  19. jesusfhfhfhfhfhfhfhf Says:

    i hope there is spawn tubing spots :D

  20. uSee218 Says:

    @MrNaughtyNacho ok smartass thanks for the update

  21. 35Brandenburg Says:

    Respond to this video…
    i love the akimbo knifes and the knife gun & another favorite wepon is the crossbow

  22. epstyle Says:

    Holy Crap! Check This Site giving away the first batch of COD: Black Ops beta keys!

  23. tw1tchh Says:

    sticky grenades were in cod 5. those anti tank nades that look like dildos

  24. nafoonthebaboon Says:

    ya there were sticky nades in the last TWO treyarch games… dumbasses

  25. LittleNoobTV Says:

    using the knife just got more serious…if only I can stick an explosive to the end of it lol (it is a ballistic knife after all)

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