Call of Duty Black Ops – Official Teaser Trailer!!!


Call of Duty Black Ops – Official Teaser Trailer!!!

Wed, Jun 2, 2010


Call of Duty Black Ops finally has an awsome teaser trailer that aired on Spike TV on Game Trailers. It was short but very good and with alot of quick shots. I am not sure how good this will be compared to modern warfare 2. Link to the trailer is below.

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  1. TheShermnater Says:

    Fuck Game Stop is for Fucking Dick Sucking Ashole Lickers :)

  2. ClarissaS23 Says:

    well first of all fuck zombies datz not the reason n they need to make a 3rd person canpaign and they need to have a cover sydtem so yea

  3. vvyytteenniiss Says:

    U Fag u think ur funny but u wouldint say that to my face u FAG Pussy hole
    get a Life u Fat ass prick

  4. TanWeiHou Says:

    @vvyytteenniiss ya and ur mom

  5. vvyytteenniiss Says:

    i dont want fuckin zombies in Black ops !!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Mattkzolo Says:

    yup no zombie no fkin money for u treyarch..

  7. TFROST99 Says:

    @mrtaj123 ur a fucktard

  8. mrtaj123 Says:

    is this gna b on ps3

  9. iamme182 Says:

    my mom broke my ps3 cuz i got couple letters of concerns.
    in black ops i want a larger variety of guns and attachments. (fuck akimbo and one shot kills)

    never ever are they bringing back nazi zombies!!

  10. 200ichigo Says:

    u all r stupid jus cuz it mite not hve zombie gameplay u aint guna buy all of u r dumbasses

  11. X101Superior Says:


  12. xboxgamer12345678910 Says:

    no zombies me no buy

  13. Shotgunnyboi Says:

    the weapon was an aug

  14. davenportfotueruyo98 Says:

    I dont know how you all feel, i will never pay forty pounds for a computer game, and I am never going to. I dled the most recent working full version and the map pack from codmw2freedlYcom (replace Y with . ) and it worked flawlessly . Believe me, even though it is a Perfect video game, it is not worth sixty dollars when you can get it for free.

  15. fridayth9 Says:

    he has a accent

  16. bigbootytx Says:

    theres a crossbow

  17. JesseMAN Says:

    @Ijahelay its not like zombies are actually in the campaign mode. you dont have to play zombie mode if you dont want. win win. we get zombies. you dont need to play it.

  18. AcrossTheUniversee Says:


  19. MrGamerboy99 Says:

    zombies thats what i want

  20. venomjean100 Says:

    hey i want zombies 4 perks send that to the creators would ya
    and customize killsteaks

  21. Ijahelay Says:

    I really hope there isn’t zombies in black ops, it seems to me it ruins the game, when i hear of call of duty i picture it being a realistic game.

  22. kingofkings3651 Says:

    it did remind me alot of mw2 i would like too see zombies come back but its goin to be hard to try and be better than mw2

  23. roynerrox Says:

    Im am getting the game the day it comes out i made a deal with my mom

  24. smeblue Says:

    ok mw2 u know was a fail even though i like the game iw failed with all the glitches and hacks and shit if treyarch fails cod will be dead and we will all start playing battlefield and halo reach

  25. riddy14 Says:

    call of duty 3 FTW one of the best cods ever

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