Call Of Duty Black Ops Rap Song – feat Tejb! (Musical Machinima)


Call Of Duty Black Ops Rap Song – feat Tejb! (Musical Machinima)

Mon, Nov 8, 2010

Uncategorized Click here to watch Snipers Are Wussies – Halo Reach Montage (Musical Machinima) Call Of Duty Black Ops Rap Song – feat Tejb! (Musical Machinima) First off, special thanks to u4iX ( and DeeperThanBones for contributing to this tune. It’s awesome to collaborate IRL and across the Internet on such a project. Second, thanks to Tejb ( for making his guest appearance (TO THA FACE! Check out his cooking video here: MOAR VIDEOS! Care Package Glitch Song – Droppin Nukes Song – Bye Bye Halo 3, Welcome Back Reach – I Love MW2 – Halo Reach Rap (Black Ops Diss) – And now…the lyrics to this tune: v1 Riding in the truck on the way to gamestop Going to get my copy of Call of Duty Black Ops The next thing I’ll be driving is an RC Car Roaming the map bout to set off an explosive charge I play a couple a games, score a couple credits Then customize my character the options seem to be endless Unlock achievements and titles, camos and killstreaks My icon is a horse with pistols on his feet Called my boss right away and told him I quit I’m making big money winning all these wager matches I see you on the camera, wondering what could it be You’ll know when you’re in Killcam don’t forget to say cheese v2 Forget noob tubes, I’m a crossbow pro You’ve heard of onlyUSEmeBLADE? Hi I’m onlyusemebow Pull the trigger the arrow hits ya, the light turns green

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  1. TheCodKiosk Says:

    8 hours where i live *jizz*

  2. Evildancindude Says:

    @Tiimy13 Halo reach was dissapointing…

  3. Dasdyet Says:

    half day for Black Ops, people!

  4. HiTzw Says:

    @MaRkSmAn914 are u fucking seriuos!? they told us that QSing would work , and then 1 freaking day before they patch the freaking game ! imean come wtf?!!?

  5. thunderboyAAC Says:

    “25 kills in a row with no nuke, you’ll be crying out for TreyArch to come and save you.” XD

  6. choksuaker Says:

    @MaRkSmAn914 getting it tonight

  7. MaRkSmAn914 Says:

    honestly, Treyarch is much better than Infinity Ward. cant wait for black opsssss

  8. Dennetjes Says:

    Keep pressing 1:54 :D

  9. bloodybeefs Says:

    @rapidkid28 same here

  10. RazorRaptor9 Says:

    Yessss Australia is already at 5:50am on 9/11/10

  11. rapidkid28 Says:

    after 5000 attemps to get my mum to get black ops – nope…. nothing gonna have to wait till christmas

  12. pelonchasf97 Says:

    @Tiimy13 reach cant top MW2 u stupid halo boy peace of shit

  13. zenithawn Says:


  14. MrLeelaa13 Says:

    reach sucks

  15. Diabosv Says:

    5 hours more :D … 11-09-10 Day of Call Of Duty – Black Ops :D

  16. MovieMakinDude03 Says:

    omg 13 more hours Pacific time!!! OMG IM GONNA KILL MYSELF!!!!!! UGHHHH

  17. xLisgo Says:

    @Tiimy13 I sold it yesterday because it sucks

  18. Tiimy13 Says:

    fack cod black ops
    play facking HALO: REACH (BEST GAME EVER!!!)
    of neejt bas?:P

  19. alexandroPL Says:

    4 hours and 25 min :DDD

  20. jannikn Says:

    Nice song

  21. gooDsnipeS Says:

    jonasblm and i sings someone join our lobby??? CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS!!!

  22. MultiJaviergarcia Says:

    fuck everyone i have it since the 6 and i am at prestige!!! jaja :)

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