Call of Duty: Black Ops: Rap Song! (Musical Machinima)


Call of Duty: Black Ops: Rap Song! (Musical Machinima)

Fri, Feb 18, 2011

Uncategorized Click here to watch Snipers Are Wussies – Halo Reach Montage (Musical Machinima) Call of Duty: Black Ops: Rap Song! (Musical Machinima) First off, special thanks to u4iX ( and DeeperThanBones for contributing to this tune. It’s awesome to collaborate IRL and across the Internet on such a project. Second, thanks to Tejb ( for making his guest appearance (TO THA FACE! Check out his cooking video here: MOAR VIDEOS! Care Package Glitch Song – Droppin Nukes Song – Bye Bye Halo 3, Welcome Back Reach – I Love MW2 – Halo Reach Rap (Black Ops Diss) – And now…the lyrics to this tune: v1 Riding in the truck on the way to gamestop Going to get my copy of Call of Duty Black Ops The next thing I’ll be driving is an RC Car Roaming the map bout to set off an explosive charge I play a couple a games, score a couple credits Then customize my character the options seem to be endless Unlock achievements and titles, camos and killstreaks My icon is a horse with pistols on his feet Called my boss right away and told him I quit I’m making big money winning all these wager matches I see you on the camera, wondering what could it be You’ll know when you’re in Killcam don’t forget to say cheese v2 Forget noob tubes, I’m a crossbow pro You’ve heard of onlyUSEmeBLADE? Hi I’m onlyusemebow Pull the trigger the arrow hits ya, the light turns green Then boom

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  1. TheJMkilla Says:

    Then Boom body parts all over the screen! LOL

  2. XxluigiboysxX Says:

    @cakebutt09 DUDE THIS WAS AWSOME

  3. XxluigiboysxX Says:


  4. chazmiseter Says:

    brisi call of duty song giy

  5. cakebutt09 Says:

    lol, this gave me a chuckle, but……..i had co click dislike, sorry, had to do it

  6. 119cyborg Says:

    Epic game Epic song

  7. rebluke1 Says:

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    Gimme thumbs up that everyone sees :)

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  8. Stiven556 Says:


  9. jreppt Says:

    1,363 stayed on halo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. MrHackersDelight Says:

    to the face TO tHE FACE???

  11. MrUndercoverdon Says:

    call of dutty black ops

  12. mrdarkling924 Says:

    @DjRadioIbles I think you haven’t finish black ops campaign

  13. regughf Says:


  14. gmanboggs2 Says:

    @manbug98 your right i miss those days so much they were much better!!

  15. B45H1R Says:

    Thumbs this comment up if you thought he said, “Black cocks!”

  16. iEskabar Says:

    4 months later and this game is god awful boring

  17. he929 Says:

    omg wow this is my fav song now i laughed my butt off nibe dude!

  18. bowhunt706 Says:

    yo this shit sucks weres YOUR rap so much better

  19. MrIhOsT10ThPrEsTiGe Says:

    did someone from treyarch just dropshot? wow what try hards!

  20. odstfan100 Says:

    @DjRadioIbles yaa i agree 110 percent

  21. DjRadioIbles Says:

    @YTesko1r2d229 Cool story bro. Oh wait, Halo Reach’s story is better than Black ops’s.

  22. YTesko1r2d229 Says:

    i like games that arent sci fi

  23. YTesko1r2d229 Says:

    halo= nerds fighting with high tech weapons

  24. DjRadioIbles Says:

    @klokdeth45 I like halo reach (I think it’s better than black ops) but I think this song is fucking awesome.

  25. ferrariluver119 Says:

    @bigbootybiche2 hell ya man!!!!!

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