Call Of Duty: Black Ops reveal trailer Secrets revealed!


Call Of Duty: Black Ops reveal trailer Secrets revealed!

Sun, May 2, 2010


Secrets revealed from the CoD: Black Ops teaser trailer! Subscribe for more, and to hear new info asap! Secrets revealed: 1. Makarov’s voice heard. 2. Time span revealed. 3. M16 Revealed. 4. Gaz seen? 5. Missiles/terrorism involved. 6. UMP45 confirmed. 7. Snow maps confirmed. 8. Vietnam confirmed. 9. Apache confirmed. 10. Possible CoD4 revisit. 11. Vietnamese uniform. 12. UH-1 Helicopter confirmed. 13. M4 Carbine confirmed. 14. Noobtubes are back. 15. AUG HBAR confiredm. 16. Snow camo confirmed. 17. Scopes confirmed. 18. RPK confirmed. 19. MAS-49 Seen? 20. SPAS 12 confirmed. 21. New NPC’s. 22. AK-47 Confirmed! 23. Atmospherical costumes. 24. SR71 Blackbird seen. —— Analysis over. Please subscribe!

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  1. flexbuttonbounce Says:

    Kool :)

  2. dominicancheif117 Says:

    looks good maybe this game wont suck like cod5 ill probably get it to kill time for MODERN WARFARE 3!!!!!!

  3. supermariobrothers1 Says:

    Theres 1 gun u missed during the flash, look around :21

  4. AJBroncos77 Says:

    i just noticed something in the hospital it says 2010:3:2 the date the trailer was supposed to be released

  5. taboulermaker Says:

    This game will have a back in time

  6. it8nky0u Says:

    How come all these Call of duty trailers give me a hard on.. I mean seriously.

  7. joe62728 Says:

    let bring it back

  8. jakiegrim Says:

    i thought it was a g36c at 1:07 instead of a UMP?

  9. Armaggedon1997 Says:

    @Armydude991 I agree (and it seemed like having a 50 round clip, but maybe it is just in my head)

  10. Armaggedon1997 Says:

    @llllWD9543llll Me to, like in cs (I didn’t even know there was an LMG variant).

  11. jake3715 Says:

    I lol at how it’s leaked pros gonna be a mw3 but Vietnam that brings togetehr both possibilities

  12. notsoginger Says:

    i reckon you skipped a few frames, maybe there wasn’t much to discuss regarding those, but i would like to have seen what was in them..

  13. llllWD9543llll Says:

    i hope they make the assuslt rifle varient of the aug not the shit lmg

  14. supersniperdevil Says:

    what disputes did infinity ward have with activision

  15. Armydude991 Says:

    The weapon at 0:56 looks more like an M4A1 due to the short and wider cylindrical shaped foregrip. Also a shorter barrel than the M16.

  16. Zrenjaninac Says:

    now THAT’S how you cut down the teaser!!! Great job man!!! happy subscriber

  17. timicpel Says:

    IDK how you found out about the ump in the soldier hand manO_o you have alien eyes! but for the m4 carbine, it kinda looked like a m416? i might be wrong

  18. xDr4kxKILLERx Says:

    look at :25 there are more numbers on the side

  19. Goutinator Says:

    One thing I would add, there was a silencer on the aug ;)

  20. tomdamonkey999 Says:

    hey 457 views and only 53 ratings, comon guys this vid was epic, rate him up!

  21. ndrunkenTeddy Says:

    i subbed you, when you did your fist mw2-trailer-analysis ;D
    nice vid, i would sub again if i havent already ;D

  22. BookOfGuth Says:


  23. VolTFootage Says:


  24. sekan123 Says:

    Look’s great thanks

  25. malienator Says:

    @kayzay1 he slowed it down frame to frame…

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