Call of Duty Black Ops – The Collector Walkthrough


Call of Duty Black Ops – The Collector Walkthrough

Sat, Nov 27, 2010


Tips & Tricks for zombie mode: – always keep moving! Never run in the direction of the zombies, always run away. – keep an eye to all sides (360°). Zombies generally come from all sides which will make life a lot harder in high rounds. – remember to use grenades against huge hordes of zombies. Everytime you complete a round you will get +2 grenades (& + 2 claymores if you have some). – The first 3 rounds should completely be done with the knife & pistol to save quite a lot points – the zombie mode related trophies are probably easier with more players (up too 4). Of course this is depending on the knowledge the players have. – on the “Kino der Toten” map it’s a lot easier to get into high rounds. If you play with multiple people the amount of the dogs (coming every 5-7 rounds) will also increase drastically. To buy all weapons you will need 20650 points in total (+ 500 if you buy quick revive). The weapons cost 13150 and the doors 7500. Just follow this walkthrough, I was trying to make it very detailed with lots of helpful tips and tricks. Tactic for multiplayer: When you’re trying this in multiplayer, every player has to buy every weapon. It doesn’t count if one player buys the half and the other one the other half of all weapons. To get this done easier only one should be saving all points to buy the weapons later on. So this player should kill much more zombies. The other one plays the role of the “door-opener” – that means his main function is opening the doors and


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  1. oldjeff100 Says:

    did it its a sick guide thanking you ;)

  2. MjrDario Says:

    @waza255 il add you

  3. ShaneStanley109 Says:

    ok m8 round 10 is shi.t LOL i find round 10 easy LOL iv got on 2 round 28 b4

  4. gremlin569 Says:

    mannn! its not easy to do! nice video, keep it up!

  5. TheBloodAngel1027 Says:

    hye guys i need some decent players to help me, my psn is BLOOD__ANGEL (two underscores) and if anyone could help me i could surely do the same

  6. Faabii90 Says:

    thanks i love you :) got it ! ^^

  7. stealthzkiller93 Says:

    people i need help on this please can somebody help. add me my psn is StealthzKiller93

  8. KHAWSAR123 Says:

    give me ur ps3 add

  9. Tadziogb Says:

    thanks alot, lol you got slapped by a zombie at 7.15

  10. waza255 Says:

    can people please add me on the ps3 my user is waza255 and i really want this trophy

  11. MrKaiserWilliam Says:

    thank you very much for this walkthrough

  12. waza255 Says:

    yo help me out i always get noobs i need some decent people i try o do statergy but there like bunch up in a cornor but im like that just gets us al owned at once

  13. Kyle96o Says:

    @PegasuZProductions no, because you get the same amount of points every knife anyways so why not get a few extra points by shooting the zombie before you knife them

  14. 078harrie Says:

    @sanchezz4387 He is playing solo when you are alone only that machine is on with out power on …

  15. IrIShfoOtBaLL20 Says:

    thts b.s how r u suppose to survive like 15 rounds with out going down a singlew time then when u do u have to run half way around the map and the probly die again

  16. sanchezz4387 Says:

    @sanchezz4387 coz i played the map 4 times last night getting to round 10 and every time i died we had to re do the power to get the perk machines working agai, yet your video lets you use it from the begining :s

  17. sanchezz4387 Says:

    hold on how the hell do you have access to the quick revive from the begining????

  18. AlexDaniels137 Says:

    wow, you’re really good at making walkthroughs

  19. Eyekee1 Says:

    Thank You! now i got the darn achivement xD

  20. thebiggestfgfan Says:

    On Solo, it will automatically revive yourself if you go down. While you are down it also gives you akimbo pistols that shoot rockets so thats a lot of fun.

  21. thebiggestfgfan Says:

    Never mind. Thanks a lot. I completely forgot about Grenades. Actually I remembered but I thought “technically they aren’t a gun” but obviously I need it. Thanks

  22. thebiggestfgfan Says:

    1st round: Shoot each zombie 6 times then knife. 6 is the max you can without killing them so long as you aviod the head.
    2nd Round: 8 bullets or 1 M14 shot and then knife
    3rd Round: 11 pistol or 2 m14 then knife
    4th: Two Full pistol clips or 3 M14 shots then knife
    After that its too dangerous to knife so just go for headshots with the M14 till you can buy Jugg.

  23. 2UNlQUE Says:

    Very good video but just a little bit too much work for me lol. I don’t really know the map well.

  24. thebiggestfgfan Says:

    If you get downed, it will automatically revive you assuming you are on single player. I use the knife method to get as many points as possible and I end up in round 8 so you want as much safety as possible

  25. thebiggestfgfan Says:

    I have every weapon and it didn’t give me the achievement….

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