Call of Duty: Black Ops


Call of Duty: Black Ops

Sat, May 8, 2010


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  1. SyntaxOverride Says:

    @BlightyRhyma Nope

  2. TheXxGreatxXOne Says:

    @halofreak11231 LOL. Someone thought he was talking about spec ops?

  3. TheAirsoftkid24 Says:

    i want to play with you on Mw2

  4. BlightyRhyma Says:

    @wansta11140 wont be too long before you have to pay because the service will actually be worth having lmao you dont pay shit coz it aint worth shit.. and you know it. ps3 fanboys can whine and moan all they want, call me a fanboy, its not true, have both consoles and a gaming rig, some games are better on the ps3 however mw2 is not one of them. and xbox has the better online service hands down, and again.. you know it

  5. fredy132 Says:

    hey seananners can u do a class setup video plssssssss?

  6. OurDamagedSociety Says:

    lol is there something in your brain that is constantly thinking of great new ideas. like kill streaks where you dont have to worry about deing. that would be that best. i normally go out there and get 30 kills in td but i die like every 20 times. yet my kd is like 1.8 but that would be alot better. my friends always say im am bk cause i havent had a nuke and its rare for me to get an ac130

  7. yumanm6 Says:

    Nice vid! Click my name if you want free live cards/Microsoft Points codes!

  8. mw2modz1a Says:

    He is not allowed to post full gameplay. He is under contract with Machinima. Stop with the beef.

  9. puertoricanboy410 Says:

    @TheLafingas What do you care? Hes still posting vids right? And getting paid. So stop hating just because he wants to get paid for posting vids. Im sure any one would too.

  10. alexcarman3 Says:

    plz watch my video every1 i only av 28 veiws :(

  11. alexcarman3 Says:

    hey everyone please watch my video i only have 28 views :(

  12. K1LL3R220 Says:

    @ISeeTallPeople HAHAHA your so funny.

  13. ISeeTallPeople Says:

    I love how kind and welcoming the Call of Duty community is.

  14. heAdXsHotzz Says:

    @CrayolaBoi83 SeaNanners gets paid to have videos on Machinima i think.

  15. LilTom895 Says:

    I think the next Call of Duty should be in the American Revolutionary War, muskets would be sooooo fun.

  16. zizer95 Says:


    Why not updating fans for videos? should we subscribers subscribe to machinima, that’s like subbing to spam dude

  17. SliceAndDiceHD Says:

    Check out my channel if you like HD call of duty commentary’s

  18. nextgengamesftw Says:

    Watch my analysis of the cod7 trailer on my channel.

  19. TheLafingas Says:

    FUCK YOU SEANANNERS and 100% of your vids being Machinima links

  20. nextgengamesftw Says:

    Watch my analysis of the cod7 trailer on my channel.

  21. nextgengamesftw Says:

    Watch my analysis of the cod7 trailer on my channel.

  22. Savage1606 Says:

    @famousbro1 Maybe i went a bit OTT. What i meant by that was, you get a lot of console gamers who deny the fact that without PC gamers, there would be nothing like MW2 for consoles today. I have nothing against console gamers.. were all gamers regardless what platform, it just annoys me when you run into the ignorant console gamer (there are ignorant PC gamers too) who can’t look beyond the past 2 years and think without consoles, gaming would die. (Which is the biggest load of BS iv ever seen)

  23. hoobius Says:

    u r render settings are BEAST!

  24. nextgengamesftw Says:

    Watch my analysis of the cod7 trailer on my channel.

  25. KrypticGuy666 Says:

    Gay./ EXEMPT

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