Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: Flawless Victory 41-0 (Tutorial)


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: Flawless Victory 41-0 (Tutorial)

Fri, Apr 23, 2010

Call of Duty 4 Click this to watch MW2: Demolition Tips on Sub Base (Gameplay Videos & Commentary)! Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: Flawless Victory 41-0 (Tutorial) Pyropuncher walks up through some tips on staying alive in Modern Warfare 2. Check out his channel here at: FOR MORE MACHINIMA GOTO: TAGS: call of duty modern warfare gameplay demolition sub base famas afghan ak-47 quadshot kill machinima guide advice tactical nuke killstreak deathmatch ffa tips commentary perks UPC 047875333376 pyropuncher pyro puncher yt:quality=high

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  1. human8r336 Says:

    i like fall i got it for my 50 cal and it looks SOOOO cool

  2. halocom20 Says:

    my fav camo is urban

  3. TheWali13 Says:

    lmaooooooooo listen at the endwhen the game ends some guy is like “post that stuff on youtube paul”

  4. rockbutty Says:

    my favorte camo is give me a drumroll please *drumroll*


  5. RHTH17 Says:

    Wow u think that’s hard try going 54-4with 8 to 10 prestiges

  6. TheMharry15 Says:

    please check out my channel and subscribe, it would mean alot!

  7. idkidkidk7 Says:


  8. juannipabonm Says:

    i got a flawless victory too only that it was 17-0 alot less. and i surprised myself because the guys i fought were all around four prestiege lvl 50-58 so it was much harder to get a flawless victory……anyway nice job real nice job actually

  9. 10thPrestigeMoDz Says:

    10th prestige with all titles, emblems, gun attachments, and gun camos. 1600 microsoft points or 1 month card. I am legit. Did the glitch to myself and to my friends. If you want to see if im legit send me message on YT or XBL. My GT is QuartaNeegro81 i can show you all of my titles, emblems, etc. MSG me back if you are interested.

  10. killertelletuby23 Says:

    u sound like drew mc intyre from wwe,

  11. 12az1 Says:

    groov game and teamwork bro

  12. JUNGLENIGGA415 Says:

    blue tiger hahaha!

  13. phillyfn1 Says:


  14. GERmobbs Says:

    your voice is sick :D

  15. MrHenrik0405 Says:

    Nice vid..check out my channel for an awesome sniping montage with some cool soundtracks ..thanks :)

  16. bugwhitfield Says:

    i cant stand the famas. there simply cant be a gun that has no recoil and ridiculous damage all in one.

  17. epicwin019 Says:

    Want free xbox 360 gold cards/live points and Playstation Network cards? Visit my channel for free codes!

  18. TheGamePr3dator Says:

    trout 91 was in the game

  19. ryallen32 Says:

    @Largesoftprunes thank you

  20. xL3G4CYx626 Says:

    i was watching this and at the end of the video the word (Tutorial) was gone from the title. i didnt see it!!!!

  21. MangoFreakout22 Says:

    mines digital

  22. chaddaniel1 Says:

  23. Largesoftprunes Says:

    can you talk normally?

  24. theflyingdutchmanxD Says:

    @Apersonnamedbob it doesnt realy, if you look at the stats that IW gave it it says more dmg but it almost always takes 2 burst while famas almost always takes 1 burst to kill. and famas has higher fire rate aswell

  25. theflyingdutchmanxD Says:

    how does30 kills -/- 11 kills from as130 counts up to 21 with you? thats 19 kills lol still nice tho

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