Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay HD


Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay HD

Fri, Feb 19, 2010


Full graphics 1280×1024 Intel core 2 Quad q8400 at 3.0GHZ ati radeon HD 4870 1 GB DDR5 Asus P5KPL-1600 2GB KINGSTON Hyper X With Cl4 1066MHZ


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  1. hermanoscabra Says:

    with wich program can you record te game??

  2. 1990koolaid Says:

    its called dreamscape

  3. Mr56ilka Says:

    Next time dont pick this song im so tired of it on every fukin vid on youtube

  4. LoLEnD8 Says:

    Noob , ;d

  5. Crysis124214 Says:

    Whats the name of this song again?

  6. AgeofOrtonRKO95 Says:

    they’re not out yet…..

  7. reyesox Says:

    but is cool

  8. mosswaves Says:

    You can download this game for FREE at MediaHazard(dot)com!!

  9. RisingDampChamp Says:

    Next you may find a totaly free brain then you’re sorted.

  10. pascarelladarst Says:

    This is fantastic fun its always played a lot around christmas time with my sisters they are really good at it. I was lucky and found it totally free for my ps3 here: 115 games. com they have hundreds and the best thing is they are all totally free I must say 1:04 was magnificent

  11. valhalla186 Says:

    this song is used wayyyyyyyyyyyy too much on youtube!!

  12. matialberdi Says:


  13. TheBlitzer016 Says:


  14. azerithmw2 Says:

    just got the new map pack :):):)


  15. carefacelol Says:

    great movie

  16. C4meFr0mHell Says:

    Hello all,
    Please Check out my sniper montage

  17. Iowningall89 Says:

    Great movie, atm I’m using tool+guide from CodCheat(.)com i have to recommend it

  18. ZyloxxHitz99 Says:

    This music owns

  19. freshkidd2244 Says:

    holding 10th prestige lobby and all challenges lobby 1600 points
    GB: Fresh kid222

  20. blubbqw Says:

    Fuckin whore, whats upp with the music?

    Just have the game sounds, and stop spamming this shit that we should add you as friends!!

  21. smithdrake2 Says:

    Haha dude u must have no friends because u kept spamming ”add me to your friends” wow if your gonna make a good vip dont spam that stupid crap.

  22. Present143 Says:

    shut up trolls! This is just one of his sucky vids. His AC2 vid was nice…

  23. tav095 Says:

    add me to your friends? good one

  24. nibyr Says:

    nobody add him lol

  25. kill3rfalcon1 Says:

    r u stupid. wat da hell is up with the music and notes like add me

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