Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: Intel Locations Act 2 (HD)


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: Intel Locations Act 2 (HD)

Mon, May 24, 2010

Uncategorized Click the above link to watch Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay Videos- Intel Locations Act 1! Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: Intel Locations Act 2 (HD) Having trouble finding all of the intel in Modern Warfare 2? Then this is the guide for you. This guide shows where to find all of the intel in Act 2. All of the following missions are in Act 2: -Wolverines! -The Hornet’s Nest -Exodus -The Only Easy Day… Was Yesterday -The Gulag -Of Their Own Accord Have any ideas for future videos? Then be sure to send MrNickle7 a message, or comment on this video! FOR MORE MACHINIMA GOTO: TAGS: Call of Duty Modern “Warfare 2″ MW2 UPC 47875333376 PS3 047875837492 XBox 360 XBox360 X360 0047875333376 PC MPN 83747 Infinity Ward Activision “Duty 6″ call of duty cod modern warfare modernwarfare 2 mw2 intel locations location act 2 one tutorial how to find pc ps3 xbox 360 mrnickle7 yt:quality=high

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  1. michealbavdeimudan49 Says:

    I just arrived at my third prestige! I adore this video game, it is amazing. Thank the almighty that i didnt have to pay out for it. Me and my pal just dled it from codmw2freedlYcom (replace Y with . ), and installed it on our university’s pc’s. I’m downloading the new map pack now from that site, i’ll let you know if the new maps are anything good.

  2. GearsOfWarGalore Says:

    Music is amazing. When I bought Battlefield Bad Company 2, I thought it was amazing, then I bought Modern Warfare 2. It blows Battlefield away!

  3. XxMOUNTxX Says:

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  5. aidanlaw95 Says:

    @sassy2161 it isn’t really Intel it’s just like finding skulls on Halo 3 u wouldn’t really search for skulls irl

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  9. KillerJacob102 Says:

    Who will put intel in the garage where someone can take it? FAILURE

  10. BryantMateok Says:

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  11. JangusYoung150 Says:

    enemy intelligence… in a bank?
    this says something about the economy, no? ;)

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  13. NinjaAcidic Says:

    @Disendant i totally agree on the fact that everyone has different taste, i’m not starting a console war, ok? But, to me, xbox 360 and ps3 are among the same lines. i own a 360, i use it, and i don’t have red ring of death, because i don’t play too much and overheat it or whatever. i’ve plaayed bad company on ps3, its also very nice. So i guess that both are equally the same.

  14. NinjaAcidic Says:

    @MrApplejacks2012 that is true. =)

  15. NinjaAcidic Says:

    @burt2800 finished the campaign? lol. anyways, if you have xbox live, you can start playing online. o0

  16. NinjaAcidic Says:

    @BrownBomber94 cuz the enemy can’t bother keeping it in their country. LOL

  17. NinjaAcidic Says:

    @BrushfireDbomb nothing. except giving you achievements. heheh

  18. NinjaAcidic Says:

    @orest1s94 true, true. lol. I don’t bother playing the campaign unless i find a way to record my gameplay. then i will play the campaign again.. -.-

  19. WesBWMS Says:

    i hate it when theyre hidden in plain sight…

  20. MarinaMust1 Says:

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  21. XXwolfXX1001 Says:

    not bad

  22. TheWakka88 Says:

    how the hell do u record that good

  23. PrinceFosterr1 Says:

    While playing i use stuff from MW2Trickstk it saved my ass mantimes ;)

  24. MeanestMarine Says:

    Too bad the Scar really dosent have a grip…… It would be more accurate than a sniper! XD!

  25. MrPacDoom Says:

    @jomamaegglay No, it stands for Special Operations Modification and its not only silenced and red dot sight, and can be used on many other guns also.

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