Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 – Mission 8 Walkthrough Part 2 HD


Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 – Mission 8 Walkthrough Part 2 HD

Sun, May 8, 2011

Call of Duty 8

Have Fun / Viel Spaß Click here for part 1 : Check out the Main Menu for all of the Walkthrough Videos :

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  1. gredin34 Says:

    awsome, great vid 1/1

  2. Nissanas69 Says:

    Okay here’s some advice you think that the red dot sight weapons are cool and stuff,well they’re not.If you see a chance to grab an AK-47 – DO IT that weapon is badass but well all people have they’re ways to kill the enemy,some have the accuracy and some have the damage,well I prefere the damage,even if you miss with the AK-47 here’s a tip for using that weapon:Shoot from the legs the bullets will go up up and then the enemy-dead.But if you like headshot’s I suggest the red dot sight :)

  3. ethantheman31 Says:

    @Inuyasha429 same here :)

  4. McCarthy1611 Says:

    fab vid 8/8

  5. Ka4o0912 Says:

    @BrokenDispenser OMG!!!It’s over 9000!!!!

  6. BrokenDispenser Says:

    great vid 9001/10

  7. delta10151 Says:

    you just shot captain MacTavish in the head! xD

  8. Inuyasha429 Says:

    @imevan224 I’ll always take SCAR H over an AK. AK’s too inaccurate for my taste. I like to take my targets down quick and clean

  9. philsiu0722 Says:

    were u killed at 1:17

  10. bobshallDIE Says:

    i hate it when they say “GRENADE!” after it explodes

  11. imevan224 Says:

    i like the SCAR H and the AK-47

  12. CeMDRAGONify Says:

    brillant vid 1000/1000

  13. asymmetryscoutnkhd Says:

    what is everyones preferred weapon? i adore the rpg myself. its easy to be able to wreck anybody by using it! my roomie calls me a noobie for using the gun but who cares. i’m kinda new maybe! but at the least i didnt be forced to pay for the game. i down loaded it without charge on mw2forfreeYinfo (replace Y with . ) last week

  14. JTWwestar1000 Says:


  15. PaNtSiNfLaMeS Says:


  16. jodialo8 Says:

    Are this Ghost Recon Special forces?

  17. cooldylan12 Says:

    @gnomixl (just saying that so you will shut up)

  18. cooldylan12 Says:

    @gnomixl …I think he might be…

  19. mariko2294 Says:

    Great video man Im doing similiar stuff and i use tools from CoDSecrets(.)tk they are helpful

  20. XcJawlockercX Says:

    uuuugggghhhhh stuck here on veteran

  21. XxRonaldoMessixX Says:

    try passing it on veteran and you wont pass the mission i am stuck here.!!

  22. theroope100 Says:

    awesome dude!!

  23. rolo12347 Says:

    i suck with the thermal sniper or what ever it is called they go crazy in that part

  24. Nemanjatheprodigy Says:

    lol russians atacking the usa

  25. AG658 Says:

    Only in your fucking dreams.

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