Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – O Cristo Redentor Guide


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – O Cristo Redentor Guide

Mon, Jul 19, 2010


Jack and Geoff show how to complete the Spec Op Level “O Cristo Redentor” in Modern Warfare 2.

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  1. vinmacgame87 Says:

    i HATE this part this is like district 9 movie.

  2. jakakool Says:

    i did this level by myself it took so long

  3. ICEKID359 Says:

    :D Omfg ..guys get that shampow or whatever to wipe the jelly off your screens…haha lol :D U Guys OWN

  4. gamerguidings Says:

    @thewigly3 ……..Game over…..?

  5. thewigly3 Says:

    what happene^s if both players is bleeding who will revive them?

  6. busloaderkpgs Says:

    This Is The Best Game Ever In PS3 Or Xbox And? The Most Addicting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m regular viewer for CoD Cheats and guides at

  7. jakesmithproductions Says:

    look at jack’s screen @ 0:42 OWNED

  8. patchderegulato Says:

    Wait Wait you can actually do it on ps3 if you can please invite me so we can do it tomorrow, OMG if it actually works and I was rich I would give you a? mill

    I’m regular viewer for CoD Cheats and guides at

  9. DrizzyShit1 Says:

    @darkplaya783 lol

  10. MrVincenzo100 Says:

    geoff and jack i relly whants your gamer tag on xbox mine is highenzo97

  11. Disturb3dDude Says:

    At least they eventually got better at this game… Geoff did, anyway.

  12. timothypedigo73 Says:

    the most kick? ass trailer ever Im regular visitor to GetCoDMW2Hacks
    tk I got cheats and guies for xbox360 and pc

  13. shemikaaurges72 Says:

    i? liked the song Im regular visitor to GetMW2Hack
    (.)tk I got cheats and guies for xbox360 and pc

  14. pwnforfree Says:

    u guys should have shown the AA-2 with red dot and heart beat sensor on the white truck in the beginning

  15. PPPrulez Says:

    @firescape210 Claymores…Its a ‘blast’? I C WUT U DID TH4R!!! >:D

  16. firescape210 Says:

    Play this then when the dogs come, put up the claymores in doorways ancd blow up the dogs its a blast.

  17. algegrox Says:

    if you are near the begining and you hear dogs jump into the back of the truck and they will stop moveing completly

  18. mrhumperdoodle Says:

    @Vryzas14 I’ll do spec ops with u

  19. MegaJd7930 Says:

    what difficlty is it?

  20. TheFluffyWolf Says:

    Geoff GT – DGgeoff Jack GT – Monki5225 send them requests lol

  21. redsoxfan131313 Says:

    i did a similer stratagy and we would fall back to a house when we heard a dog

  22. enda5 Says:

    2:34 LMAO!!!

  23. enda5 Says:

    2:34 LMAO!!!!

  24. carrolsilveira07 Says:

    Screw paying $60 for CODMW2. Me and my buddies downloaded the Steam working version that has the brand-new Map Pack from mw2forfreeXinfo (replace X with . ) this morning, and it definitely works beautifully. I’m already at lvl. 19 and I can’t wait to have the ACR with Extended Mags!

  25. frankferte Says:

    @Vryzas14 What’s your PSN?

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