Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 – Official CTF Trailer


Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 – Official CTF Trailer

Fri, Apr 23, 2010


Title: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Label: Activision Platform: PC | PS3 | 360 Release Date: November 10, 2009 Genre: FPS Age Rating: RP (Rating Pending) Subscribe Now:

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  1. AchmedHinktand Says:

    Check my vid about cod mw2 ;)

  2. zangii1995 Says:

    if only the gameplay was like this. This is the most amount of team work ive ever seen in the game..

  3. Sukkisboyz Says:

    i wish that online could be some like of this..


    i hate it when you get an airdrop and your own team kills you so i kill them

  5. warlauritz Says:

    GJ m8

  6. jotobitch Says:

    Haha everyone who reads this comment leave a bad message on xbox live to this girl… she is all about black power and talks shit about the USA her gamertag is:
    KRAZYMntality there’s a lot of people already messaging her so let’s flood the inbox of this communist bitch!

  7. lionelmessithebest1 Says:

    modern warfare rocks but it has a few glitches

  8. 108arno Says:

    really nice strategie

  9. rayrulezd00d Says:

    Damn! the dude that was playing must play MW2 24/7. add me on psn:rayrulezd00d

  10. deathhunter5546 Says:

    @silva5lO Have you been in hardcore yet?
    If someone gets a care package and it’s ac130 or choppergunner, they’re gonna stab you for it(friendly fire is on).

  11. Cloudmon123 Says:

    flash bangs r the ultimate weapon if u want to know y then request an answer bcuz its a pain when youtube doesnt work bcuz of message error

  12. sugarspiceCA Says:

    wow your awsome dude

  13. 404KENN Says:

    yo if yall got a ps3 add me KMEEZY im pretty gud but fuck wit it on there


    @silva5lO agreed they all wanna go 25-0

  15. epicwin019 Says:

    If interested in free xbox 360 gold cards/live points codes click my name!

  16. slawik12 Says:

    lol aimbot O_o

  17. pufixas Says:

    graphics are like…. WHOAH!

  18. reseeehhh Says:

    this is cool

  19. CoolCuz223 Says:

    Sigh if only online games were really like this, they would be great

  20. nayef530d Says:


  21. ramonamyersdfable Says:

    A new Jailbreak for any generation Ipod touch here: /watch?v=qyuwJLBelTQ

  22. CrammyJam Says:

    Get the new MW2 Map Pack for free!!111!!!11!
    Promotion multi-use code stash, get em before they expire at the end of the month. :P
    A few clicks on your part and then get ready for some major win! :-D

  23. NOR9CA16 Says:


  24. OmarTube22 Says:

    i can do better

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