Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Review


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Review

Mon, Mar 22, 2010

Call of Duty 4

It’s set to be one of the biggest selling games of all time. Is it one of the greatest? Read the full review at IGN


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  1. DynaSlim80 Says:

    If you are serious about CoD you should download tools from CoDCheattk they are really must have for everyone

  2. robloxguggi Says:

    I really hope TreyArch will make CoD Vietnam Great. Atleast better than this. And hope they’ll bring zombie survival back

  3. ElPapi997 Says:

    @gowasurviver12345 yea but still its SHiit

  4. gowasurviver12345 Says:

    @ElPapi997 yea right, this game is pretty well done. I do like Cod 4 still though

  5. ElPapi997 Says:

    THIS GAME IS TRASH, COD 4 Best there will everr bee

  6. KAY0DOT Says:

    the game is the shit make a better game and talk shit end of you fucking hater

  7. KAY0DOT Says:

    i love this game and if you don’t fuck you and your fat wife

  8. wowusucktimes100 Says:

    Finnaly someone who understands how I feel.

  9. wowusucktimes100 Says:

    Oh man this game sucked so bad. I’m glad it was out of stock, and I got Killzone 2. Ohhh here goes the Xbox fanboys thumbing down my comment. Modern Warfare 2 has nothing but campers and shit, the Campaign was the only good thing about the game.

  10. mcainforpres Says:

    @PeeKay1Productions it’d be cool if you stopped bitching

  11. simpilot98 Says:

    You can shot out of a helicopter! 11 kill streak!!!

  12. keo319 Says:

    @PeeKay1Productions if u think this game is pathetic then why r u looking it up?

  13. Vedalked01259 Says:

    but singe player is tight

  14. urukzpower Says:

    an over the top plot that’ll have you checking your brain? i didn’t find the campaign so hard to follow, or am i just smart? >.>


    let me just make this short, if you dont like MW2 why the hell do you watch this, secondly ur a tottal twat, who doesn’t like MW2 cause he is shit.

  16. disasterpiece1995 Says:

    i dont think the campaign is all that short… i man for a war game….

  17. 4551marvin1554 Says:

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  18. AFreakingDumbaccount Says:

    Typical IGN…

  19. cptmorgan155 Says:

    man i couldnt agree any more with you, this game is pathetic….Akimbo? COME ONE…..if you have recoil on a gun while holding it with both hands…why the hell is it less or the same….ACR why the fuck is it just…if not more accurate then the snipers….AND LMG’s are just fucking retarded, any one with downsyndrome can pick one up and rape everything…..Last but not least, fucking little kids who think there pro that use an RPD with stopping power and steady aim!

  20. Shenest Says:

    Everyone online goes for their stupid killstreaks or use lightweight and marathon or commando. Fuck this shit. This is truly modern warFail.

  21. KyleHultman Says:

    i was happy about this game, really happy took 7 hours on regular and 10 hours beating it on hardened and 10 hours to beat veteran. spec ops was just awesome and online could never be better just get annoyed of some killstreaks but oh well i would give this a 9.6 for online. :)

  22. riptorna556 Says:

    your right it was short but very awesome

  23. mygodDYLAN1 Says:

    @ByTheHillside yes you do in multiplayer and spec ops

  24. OrdoMallius Says:

    as long as it sells they will keep doing it and if you look how this badly done game sold more than many better games they will just say hey why should we try hard when we can sell shit that we dont even beta test.

  25. Majtzy Says:

    Thank you, you summed pretty much summed the whole game up with that comment.

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