Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: Team Deathmatch Highrise Knife Only (Gameplay)


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: Team Deathmatch Highrise Knife Only (Gameplay)

Fri, May 7, 2010

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  1. magicnetor Says:

    2:41 your harrier missle ? wtf? Hack killstreak :o

  2. TheAJFraser Says:

    Your laugh sounds really bad! especialy the one at 3:46

  3. bbryycee Says:

    you lied you said you were only level one but you have the thowing knife and a custom class

  4. NsKProductionzZ Says:

    you do have throwing knife

  5. ejdubb115 Says:

    @WickedStick39 use ‘First Recon’ class when you hit level 26 and all knife kills with the tactical knife count towards your weapon unlocks for the .44 magnum

  6. YuNgTyX83 Says:

    @LOQgamerLOQ He tells his friend to die and he picks up the tac knife and uses it for kills [:

  7. MrInvisibleHand Says:

    I’ve never heard of a ‘Harrier Missile’


  8. salsabom Says:

    how do you get the tactical knife on your magnum if you don’t shoot?

  9. WickedStick39 Says:

    @LOQgamerLOQ i hear that, he says he never shoots, and he’s playing deathmatch with his friends..weak

  10. theonlyway29g Says:

    It’s Time For Revenge!! ihateanne. com

  11. gbltz211 Says:

    @LOQgamerLOQ first recon

  12. murzoiscool Says:

    sit down!!!

  13. LOQgamerLOQ Says:

    How did u get Tac knife without shooting???

  14. kentboy123 Says:

    @MultiNeurosis When you prestige it’s like starting all over again. You loose your guns, pro perks, and killstreak rewards… You have to earn them all over again. But you don’t loose your titles and emblems.

  15. MultiNeurosis Says:

    so whats happens when u prestige cuz im almost there n i want 2 know

  16. dilsacka Says:

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  17. xXinstakillaXx Says:

    you went 27 an 4

  18. CookieMoster95 Says:

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  19. yuyu882 Says:

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  20. Wildguitar007 Says:

    Nice vid, check out my channel I make MW2 Commentrys to :)

  21. mojonojoke1 Says:

    i wanna break out an RPD and start spraying

  22. danielislego Says:

    i only borowed the game for four hours and im a level 17

  23. superturtle64 Says:

    you had so many killstreak rewards you didnt even use

  24. xxTrompxx Says:


  25. basdemanaz Says:

    ?you say you don’t even have trowing knife? but what is that at the right side of the flasbangs?

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