Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – FULL REVIEW MW3


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – FULL REVIEW MW3

Mon, Jan 9, 2012

Modern Warfare 3

DJ Skee gives you a full review on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 exclusively on Skee.TV. Check out the final verdict on the most anticipated game of the year and find out about the highlights, lowlights, new perks, maps, features, multiplayer, and everything else before you get it! Go to “Like” the page for your chance to win Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Bundle includes: The game, Xbox 360 MW3 limited edition system and Controllers. Order the Modern Warfare 3 bundle here: Also check out the NEW Skee.TV 24/7 app:
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  1. Ipr0misez Says:

    im 6th p (: like this comment awww thas good

  2. Ipr0misez Says:

    Your wrong Every1 strts with a diffrent ammount of tokens depends on ammount of cod games i played black ops. and m23 i only got 2.


    MW3 really disapointed me I bought the game yesterday & after 2 hours im already tired of it its just not fun anymore b/c it seems really old w/ nothing to it idk its just not fun anymore to me so im going to get bf3

  4. YouthGamerGTA4 Says:

    @cateye721 Definitely true.

  5. MrJohneblaze82 Says:

    The thing I dont like about any of the Call of Duty games is that when u get shot by some one u cant even see a damn thing, then the screen turns all red and blurry and shit making it hard to go for cover. I dont really like FPS for that reason. It’s hard as fuck to do the solo spec op missions because as soon ass u peak out or turn a corner u get shot the fuck up lol. Im really good at aiming shooting, but it fucking sucks when u can barely see shit lmao.

  6. DarthTrilluminati Says:

    I started out at the end of mw2 right before black ops came out and loved it. Went through black ops and was still loving it. Then mw3 came out and couldn’t believe that I bought the same game that I was playing for the last two years. I sold it immediately and will never buy cod again. They lost a fan.

  7. R0FLLMA0WTF Says:

    mw3 is terrible(multiplayer only) its a awful, after like 11 maybe more years they still produce the same terrible shit with no changes, they try to fix stuff but because both companies are the worst at what they do they over do it, for example, shotguns in mw2 were really good, people complained, now instead of making them fucking normal like less range but strong up close they completely ruined everything and made the shotguns unusable, explosives like rocket lkaunchers dont kill and so on

  8. Djdude864 Says:

    @JDoty1015 my playtime is 4 days and i have not met 1 hacker. Yeah the clan tag thing but that is now lifechanging. If a hacker is in the game you can report them.

  9. MrRedphoenix10 Says:

    @GudmundsdottirBjork if you don’t have MW2

  10. ronconr Says:

    @MRLOLZZZZZZZ I have to agree man. I can say that i used to like call of duty but now….. call of duty …. it just sucks. :(

  11. ronconr Says:

    @GudmundsdottirBjork lier


    Im here to say that a high percentage of the call of duty community are under aged players agreed? and that many hardcore call of duty players which started from cod 1, 2 , 3 , 4 have moved onto other fps games including battlefield. I am extremely dissapointed that mw3 received fps of the year to be honest it should have received least developer effort of the year bf3 has superior tecnology better community and has ticked all the right boxes to receive fps of the year who are spike anyway!?


    @cateye721 You ma man!

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