Call Of Duty: Mw3 Trading Cards! (Confirmed)


Call Of Duty: Mw3 Trading Cards! (Confirmed)

Sat, Nov 5, 2011

Modern Warfare 3

Ill trade you my Charizard for your Double XP pl0x!? LOL! Spare a like? *READ* Single Set Completion Bonus -15 minutes of XP will be awarded upon the completion of an individual set of Combat Cards. All 3 Sets Completed Bonus -45 minutes of XP will be awarded as a bonus upon the completion of all the three sets of Combat Cards. Trading Combat Cards -To spread the word about the promotion, and to facilitate your trade requests, just post the unique URL you see on your combat cards page on Facebook, Twitter, online message boards and even via email. -You can only request cards you don’t have. -When a trade offer goes through, you will drop the card offered and pick up the card requested.
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  1. RIDEthaTHUNDER Says:

    My Japanese Base Set Charizard for the Perk card.

  2. GunitSoljier Says:

    I need doritos weapons! Trade me plz msg me ur dewxp Id

  3. justin2000ism Says:

    @bigb69ti message me!

  4. bigb69ti Says:

    @VViP30U7 acr 6.8 weapon card

  5. bigb69ti Says:

    @justin2000ism i do have a acr 6.8 weapon card

  6. Trichx1 Says:

    wtf i dont understand….?

  7. 1danyol1 Says:

    @doublet623 no he doesnt o.o

  8. Cooler3rick Says:

    ALL COMBAT CARDS! —-> /watch?v=eOYUOiaZI_c

  9. DynamiteGFXUK Says:

    @doublet623 no he doesnt…

  10. patrickstanton3456 Says:

    he owes us 6,530 double XP tokens

  11. patrickstanton3456 Says:

    he owes us 6,530 likes

  12. VenomAce35 Says:

    my country don’t sell doritos……. and Mountain Dew is frm vending machine……

  13. VViP30U7 Says:

    i need to trade someone my DORITOS CHAR for a DORITOS WEAP

  14. justin2000ism Says:

    i trade any dorito combat cards for mw3 weapon card

  15. TheAnimatorEqualizer Says:

    BF3 ftw bitches!

  16. OscarTerror Says:

    mountain jew

  17. doublet623 Says:

    You say Doritos FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. KsHAdoWv2 Says:

    heres a like ——> LIKE

  19. MrSurge11 Says:

    Watch Call of duty: Modern Warfare 3 Prestige Shop Info & Details by Robert Bowling (MW3 Double XP)

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