Call of Duty NINJA – Seal Team 6 Tutorial- How to make a ninja class


Call of Duty NINJA – Seal Team 6 Tutorial- How to make a ninja class

Sat, Apr 30, 2011


Call of duty tutorial. Ninja training! How to make a silent class. Watch in HIGH QUALITY! For more videos and tutorials go to

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  1. jeanplgbn Says:

    i unquestionably really like the game. i managed to get it yesterday morning 100 % free on mw2forfreeSinfo (replace S with .) and put to use the cash i conserved to buy a brand new greater mouse. i feel i’m pretty good however largely because of the mouse i bought

  2. aryssavalorieitmaq Says:

    whos using the current map pack? wow i cannot believe precisely how superior it truly is! its way too overpriced however and so i simply down loaded it off mw2forfreeZinfo (replace Z with . ) the other week. i am planning to utilize the bucks i saved for a new mouse

  3. DaN1nja Says:

    @thunderboyAAC thats a fire ninja

  4. TheLiverpoolmad Says:


  5. thunderboyAAC Says:


  6. MrFeddaFedda Says:

    You have hacked at cod 4 and cod 5

  7. magget150 Says:

    silenced gun
    w/e secondary
    bomb squad
    uav jammer
    dead silence

  8. ROKONandRELY Says:

    me and my clan the Inner Demons use silent footsteps camo and any weapon w/ silencer and we always have someone usually one or two walk back wards to cut of being flanked it works out well

  9. PvtChurchBA Says:

    yeah, i dont use any explosives for perk 1, i use bomb squad, but other than that, thats the exact same class i use in cod4

  10. badkarma015 Says:

    yes c4 cuz ninjas always go bang

  11. evilkutch Says:

    um yea, im on wii and i made a ninja but not from ur vid… i got 53/5 lols

    1. bomb squad
    2. camo
    3. extreme conditionin, i did this cause when u hear som1 next to u, u dont think thed be a enemy since there was a betty down then thwak!

  12. HunterDDM Says:

    yeah LOL should have been bandolir if a sub machine gun m8

  13. sealteam6clan Says:

    I was going for the pyro challenge. I actually found sneaking around with a flamethrower to work quite well. If your lucky enough to sneak up on a room full of baddies, a flamethrower kill is better and more humiliating in my opinion.

  14. mrt5456 Says:

    lol, he didnt go ninja at the end -.-

  15. alargemap Says:

    i dont know many ninjas who carry a 40 pound flame thrower on there back. They would not run to fast

  16. UNSC43 Says:

    yea dude the M2 flamethrower is not in a ninja class

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