Call of Duty: World At War – 8 “Blood & Iron”


Call of Duty: World At War – 8 “Blood & Iron”

Wed, Mar 23, 2011

Call of Duty 8

Call of Duty: World At War – 8 “Blood & Iron”


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  1. thelegend55g Says:

    this mission could have been better with more russian tanks fighting with u, who thinks so? i hate solo missions, i was looking forward to war, now solo….

  2. Googy4life Says:

    how do u get ur comp to run so fast?

  3. viikidaviking Says:

    @dark18fury same it’s really hard!

  4. dark18fury Says:

    This mission took me bloody ages to do.

  5. handhanh Says:

    show no marcy!

  6. dontmakemeMAD1990 Says:

    wow thats good
    happy newyear:)

  7. melissabell141 Says:

    ik i beat da whole game! XD a day aft i commented ^^

  8. melissabell141 Says:

    lool girl (me) beat da whole game like the day aft i commented! ^^

  9. dontmakemeMAD1990 Says:

    @melissabell141 dont go to far ahead and look out that theire are not to many tanks that can hit you so you can take them one by one also better destroy after you cleard it somewhat dont forget to kil al pantzerchrecks they are verry dangeroux and the most important thing dont stand stil!

  10. melissabell141 Says:

    i cant beat dis lvl! ; – ;

  11. MyCactusAteMe01 Says:

    i hate the tank missions in all the call of duty games

  12. smoke0imix0god Says:

    this level is hard

  13. Fearlesss4Life Says:

    This was one of the shittiest missions for me! The tank part is just crap … XD

  14. XxTrEzY09xX Says:

    yeh i miss place word but u get the idea what im talking about

  15. ImperialGuard9001 Says:

    Friend I think you arent even sure about what you said

  16. XxTrEzY09xX Says:

    sorry went to when and I to he can’t spell oh well LOL

  17. XxTrEzY09xX Says:

    ur r so wrong my grandad was in the army went ww2 happen and he told me about a friend(who was russian) of his about him going to a train station on a tank but i think it was a different train station i went 2 so stop tell bull shit k

  18. scluck742 Says:

    no problem, i didnt mean to be so harsh by the way, i was just having a bad day

  19. legomad Says:

    yeah you are right. i am sorry

  20. scluck742 Says:

    A) i was kidding
    B) the same could be said about movies, yet people cry at those all the time

  21. legomad Says:

    no offence but its only a game… why do you cry when someone dies on it?

  22. ImperialGuard9001 Says:

    I think this level was very unrealistic you must destroy almost the entire division of the Germans!The Allies are obsolte! This didnt happen in realtly to take one german tank it would take at least 10 Soviets ones!Also this didnt give me that feeling of mass soviet attack like in other games generaly Infinity Award is better than Treayrch in making games

  23. Bluffeddood Says:

    oki ty

  24. wombat909 Says:

    What about the last mission?

  25. wombat909 Says:

    Same here I came close to crying as well. No idea why, I’m just a big softy lol

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