Call of Duty: World at War: Nazi Zombies w/Teh BirdZ – the “Safe Room” by Myoelectric (Commentary)


Call of Duty: World at War: Nazi Zombies w/Teh BirdZ – the “Safe Room” by Myoelectric (Commentary)

Sat, Oct 2, 2010

Uncategorized Click this to watch “Call of Duty: World At War: Nazi Zombies w/Teh BirdZ: Ventrilo Montage 2 by Myoelectric” Call of Duty: World at War: Nazi Zombies w/Teh BirdZ – the “Safe Room” by Myoelectric (Commentary) Teh BirdZ take refuge in FOV Mansions “safe room”…that is until LoX blows it… Featuring Lt.Goose, Dator, Amanda, and LoX Video Captured Using PLAYCLAW – PURCHASE HERE: – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima Inside Gaming Machinima Respawn Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE TRAILERS, GO TO: Tags: yt:quality=high Call of Duty World at War Treyarch Activision UPC 00047875332591 MPN 83281 Nazi Zombies FOV Mansion Safe room Gameplay Game play Teh BirdZ Ventrilo Montage Goose Lt. Goose Dator intimidator LoXodonte LoX ioKain LOX LIKES COX clanv rtcw yy_aim amandaontherun Amanda machinima respawn

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  1. Harisdoubled Says:

    @jimmyboyG485 pc allows moding

  2. jsonmaster77 Says:

    is this a new mapp??

  3. jimmyboyG485 Says:

    The Halo commercial before the video was better than the actual video.

  4. 72breezy Says:

    you guys sound sooo funny lol

  5. Mikester750 Says:

    if there were no hacks on PC, multiplayer would be a million times better than the other consoles

  6. kasukosu Says:

    Pc graphics really nice!

  7. Codnutheadmarksman Says:

    I think the people who work fir cod should hire some of these hackers they make some good maps

  8. nuttex Says:

    @jimmyboyG485 You probably meant “platform”. Consoles are stuff like Xbox, PS, PSP, Wii, i.e. not PC.

  9. jimmyboyG485 Says:

    Depends on what games you like. My favourite 3 games aren’t even on PC, so for me it would be a shit console.

  10. nuttex Says:

    @funkybroha Call of Duty: World at War at PC.

  11. nuttex Says:

    This video is a proof of PC being on the top of food chain. Consoles have nothing on this.

  12. mrfunkeymunkey1 Says:

    bullets do go thru walls i promise >.>

  13. thepwnda Says:

    @comocody ur just dumb

  14. harbster7668 Says:

    @TheAwesomeAirsofter its on the pc they created it

  15. TheAwesomeAirsofter Says:

    what level is this/

  16. matraxbg Says:

    Be zombie for hitler ! :D

  17. ToeKnee1512 Says:

    @TheCorrn of course there would be nazi zombies on the PC. It’s part of the game.

  18. ToeKnee1512 Says:

    very entertaining!!

  19. googoo2u5 Says:

    Ok I love waw and pc looks beast can’t wait to get it

  20. funkybroha Says:

    what version/game is this?

  21. JackAcer2010 Says:

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    gameplays and commentaries plus montages. We are new and would appreciate your
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  22. 0000Stoneman Says:

    2:16 i laughed my ass of lolol

  23. ShrededWheat1 Says:

    I’m getting hit through the wall. Don’t touch the wall! Hahaha classic

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