Call of Duty World at War pre order gun code question?


Call of Duty World at War pre order gun code question?

Fri, May 20, 2011

Call of Duty 8

i preordered WaW for the ps3 i received an newsletter email from call of duty, it says:
Attention Member!

As a member of the community, you’ve automatically been assigned a PC CD-Key for the Call of Duty: World at War Multiplayer Beta:
[lists code here]

You will need this key to participate in the beta, so do not lose it. Your profile on has automatically been updated as well.

Download Instructions:

1. Download the PC Beta Installer from the below mirror links.
1. FilePlanet
2. GameSpot
3. WorthDownloading
4. Big Download
5. GameZone
6. FileShack
7. Call of Duty HQ
8. Filefront
9. Gamershell
10. Planet Call of Duty
2. Install the game using the CD-KEY you received in your email. If you’ve confirmed your community account, you can also find it in your profile page.
3. Download the in game instruction manual.

is this the code i enter when i get the game or what is this for?????
i preordered from gamestop, i am just trying to figure out how i am going to get the code for the ps3

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  1. Charlie H Says:

    It’s for the PC beta which you try out the game call of duty 5 and you download it and try out the game. And the only way to get the gun code is if you preoreder it at gamestop. And when you get the game you get the code when you pick up the game.

  2. originalgangster8 Says:

    PS3 doesnt get the beta code. Only 360 and pc.
    But when you go get the game they should give you a code to unlock your gun

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