CoD Black Ops or Modern Warfare 2?


CoD Black Ops or Modern Warfare 2?

Thu, May 1, 2014

Modern Warfare 3

Question by : CoD Black Ops or Modern Warfare 2?
I think Modern Warfare 2 has better gameplay and it just seems like everything moves more fluently but in Black Ops I like Zombie mode and some of the maps are better in my opinion but which is better for you and why?
Yeah I would say their both great games :D

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I like call of duty black ops because not every gun is a 2 hit kill.

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  1. E=mc² Says:

    MW2 better gaming experience/ BAD SPAWNING!
    Black Ops not as good/ Awesome zombies!

  2. Jesse True Says:

    MW2 – has alot of hackers but I still like it more then BO :P

    BO mutiplayer gets boring me not a good deal to spend $ 60 on it =/

  3. John Says:

    black ops is better because you dont die as fast as opposed to mw2 where you die way to fast

  4. Edik Romanyuk Says:

    black ops)

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