COD MW3 – My NY Trip


COD MW3 – My NY Trip

Wed, Jun 27, 2012

Modern Warfare 3

Just a short commentary about my trip to NY to see family.

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  1. JaceBowss Says:

    Smoove should play Minecraft!

  2. 197syahnur Says:

    what about Luk?

  3. MrAmiirx Says:

    hahahha this aint my team baby!

  4. Grindking Says:

    join my PS3 MW3 ELITE clan: HOOPSTARS

  5. KidNamed24 Says:

    that ain’t my team bay-bay *chrissmoove voice*

  6. XxBlOoDySpArKsXx Says:

    smoove were like connected i like the m16 on mw2, black ops, and mw3
    i even act like i can commentate like you when playing cod! that would be cool if i could meet person!

  7. xSmilezzz Says:

    smoove with a sniper thats cheese!

  8. kenny saywrayne Says:

    When are you going to use sniper?

  9. MacZaddyE Says:

    Mention my name in a video !! Nd do uWork? Hiw Do uManage Life?

  10. Ghrimdeath97 Says:

    OK sarcastic douchebag

  11. epicpoptarts1 Says:

    dude u r funny

  12. tehrsdude12076 Says:

    He lives in Florida; they’ll just eat the mask.

  13. sexybeanerboy Says:

    Show yur face!

  14. MaxQ Blount Says:

    those squirrels are doing noob moves with those mangos

  15. CoolNiqqaAngel25 Says:


  16. hansauce1 Says:

    what kind of tv do you shred on?

  17. lcthecoolone Says:

    PSN = XclusiveBoss27 ill play mw3 and embarass you in 2k12 ;)

  18. lcthecoolone Says:

    He so Smoove that he cant show his identity , or people will start making masks of him

  19. TheRockjoc Says:

    Boss Man! You Call 7-Mins of Talking a Short Commentary (: Love it Though! # Smoove

  20. Fat Obese Says:


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