COD: MW3 *SOLO* 134-5 on VILLAGE! Subscriber Sunday Modern Warfare 3 Gameplay


COD: MW3 *SOLO* 134-5 on VILLAGE! Subscriber Sunday Modern Warfare 3 Gameplay

Thu, May 1, 2014

Modern Warfare 3

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  1. Doom F L F Says:


  2. Back2Respawn Says:

    Haha Had a Big fail guys! The Map is Village XD

  3. Watarmalon Says:

    Assault really sucks dick. I dont get why people want to use streaks.
    Specialist rules !

  4. Youtuber Says:

    I think the commentator is black

  5. TheMinecraftGamer461 Says:

    Did u Guys Lose Subs?

  6. iJaiKlecX Says:

    sexy nigerian!!!

  7. MarrickFait Says:

    MW2: Harrier, AC130, Nuke
    BO1: SR-71, Dogs, Gunship
    MW3: Reaper
    BO2: O V-Sat, Swarm

    The next CoD needs a killstreak that matches any of these lethality. 

  8. LetsPCrash Says:

    Best commentator ever lol!

  9. Lim Spencer Says:

    Dude. Shut up

  10. Fly Rapidly Says:

    Wasnt expecting this to get in subscriber sunday thanks I really appreciate
    it :)

  11. DooM Clan - The KEM Strike Clan Says:
  12. Back2Respawn Says:

    Commentator here :)

  13. Ikran Zakariya Says:

    should i buy mw3 or mw2? 

  14. Ferrari9696 Says:

    Nice gameplay and commentary DooM ;)

  15. UKB_Codes Says:

    Mw2 is the best cod ever plus the intervention

  16. Brute Force Pubstomping Says:

    assault in mw3 is ass wat r u smokin, specialist is the way to go,

  17. MYO Mattematics Says:

    Can 100% itell ts a aimbot lmfaaoo

  18. orangexmuffin789 Says:

    I like this commentator

  19. Jayden Sweeney Says:

    Are people stupid lol .. A grenade would kill you if it was shot at you .
    So get over it lol it’s an obvious decent attatchment because of the damage

  20. Jordan Retro Rocking Says:

    The commentator ruined the gameplay

  21. JUAN EQUIS Says:

    When doom clan add people?

  22. YTchris95gsr Says:

    btw….how many members to you guys have.. .

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