Community – Modern Warfare Trailer


Community – Modern Warfare Trailer

Mon, Oct 10, 2011

Modern Warfare 3

thursday night’s episode – “modern warfare” (1.23) – inspired me to make this. I don’t usually fly on my whims but this was almost too good to not do. if you came here to watch this expecting perfection then you are sadly in the wrong spot. I just did this for fun and I hope you have fun watching it. there are some glitches in the music, i’m aware. the song: ‘welcome to bangkok’ – brand new
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. MsDDiddy Says:

    MY FAV. EPISODE……aside from the christmas one in the first season when shirley freaks out that everyone else isn’t christian.

  2. mzjoythompson Says:

    heh! that was bomb! i looooove that episode so much!

  3. feedmytv Says:

    this isn’t a good trailer, it’s too long and reveals too much. It’s only a 20minute show, this is 10% of it.

  4. killzonee12 Says:

    season 2 episode 23 and 24 they will be paintshooting again in a 2 episodes.

  5. MattSena1 Says:

    /watch?v=Ad8FY9MDYjs for actual episode

  6. Jet0163 Says:

    other than a few minor things this was really cool

  7. Greyfloor Says:

    Great video. The only little thing I would of changed, was placing the scene where Dean and Chang were talking in the office, before any of the action scenes with Chang. Introduce the villian, then watch him in action. Other than that, great video.

  8. Winzeyy Says:

    What was the song when Sr. Chang walked in?

  9. harrypotterisageek Says:

    it was actually funny, but i think you lost the essence of community in that video.

  10. kawadamark Says:

    greatest. episode. ever.

  11. manvswolfman Says:

    come with me if you don’t want paint on your clothes

  12. kingjacko302 Says:

    Seriously?! That will be a fitting season finale, I wonder what movies they’ll parody, predator and the matrix have already been done

  13. dinowiz90 Says:

    They making a second Modern Warfare for the season finale, I can’t wait!

  14. haruhistnumber5 Says:

    “Buenos Dios, children.”

  15. haruhistnumber5 Says:

    @stunashv Ha.

  16. 4everspottedleaf Says:

    Best. Community. Episode. Ever.

  17. stunashv Says:

    if this show is canceled who will join me in a mass suicide

  18. tegolin Says:

    John Woo reference FTW!

  19. Crittab Says:

    What the hell? Joel McHale is jacked! I had no idea this was under the suits! lol.

    This is kinda cool. I really need to start watching Community.

  20. Interfecheesemuffin Says:


    You are going to love that one. Yours was good too but.. man.

  21. PaiRaiUno Says:

    do you see danny pudi’s lip balm on his jacket at 0:45?
    he’s obsessed with it! ;)

  22. Grisha1994 Says:

    This episode should win an emmy. Or at least be nominated. People need to know about this show

  23. LTFrostbite Says:

    This episode was AWESOME. Especially when the whooped the Glee club. That couldn’t POSSIBLY be a joke on ANOTHER hit show, could it?

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