Could it be possible that Call of Duty 7 could have zombies?


Could it be possible that Call of Duty 7 could have zombies?

Fri, Feb 4, 2011


I f*ckin’ love the zombie maps in Call of Duty World At War, killing Nazi Zombies and Japanese Zombies is awesome. It disappointed me that Modern Warfare 2 didn’t have zombies, they should of made Russian Zombies, but no. They so should have, killing Russian Zombies would be awesome. I heard that Call of Duty 7 may be based on the Vietnam war, but that might just be a rumor. They should make some Viet Cong Zombies, that would be awesome lol. They so should bring the zombie levels back, I think they should just mix it all together so you can kill Nazi Zombies, Japanese Zombies, Russian Zombies, and Viet Cong Zombies, and you use Modern Warfare weapons, and you also have Ray Guns and Wunderwaffe and sh*t, that would be crazy.


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  1. xXJColes109Xx Says:

    Yeah im with u man. i think they will have it in the next CoD. but u never know. i hope they do have it.
    if u play in xbox 360, add me! so we can kill zombies.
    if not then good luck.

  2. MooseMan Says:

    Ahhh, maybe.
    Depends, no one really knows for sure right now.

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