Do the Night Goggles is Call of Duty 6 really work?


Do the Night Goggles is Call of Duty 6 really work?

Wed, Jun 29, 2011


So from what I heard there are goggles that you can buy along with the new COD Modern Warfare 2. So, do they really work? Are they gonna be worth the buy?


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  1. RepublicPIGGY Says:

    Yea, they really do work. They are real Night Vision Goggles, not cheap plastic made stuff that will break easy or anything too expensive that’s just for show. They are decent priced goggles that you can actually use around your house for example. You know, middle of the night when everyone’s asleep and you’re hungry, put on the goggles and you can see everything in the dark. But they also aren’t top top notch military goggles either, cuz those would cost too much. If you have $150 to spare, they’re definitely worth getting.

  2. Alek Says:

    yes. they are real and work.

  3. Bobby Says:


  4. harpuria Says:

    Yes they are going to work. Personally i don’t think its going to be worth it. I say this because I think that $150 (MSRP)

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