Episode 2 – Modern Warfare 2 Mythbusters


Episode 2 – Modern Warfare 2 Mythbusters

Mon, Oct 10, 2011

Modern Warfare 3

Episode 2 of our new series. “Canon in D Remix” – Ronald Jenkees
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. metalguy123456789 Says:

    you can survive a nuke with a pred ive done before and i walked around after it blew up:)

  2. weresjackgone Says:

    best episode yet

  3. Erikeodeo1 Says:

    you only survive nuke when you have a user-activated control on when the dust is comming right at you you must set it in

    I’m sorry for my bad English

  4. koreansam101 Says:

    You Play To Much Mw2 When:

    You Yell “EMP All Electronics Are Offline!” When The Power Goes Out

    Your Dog Jumps On You, You Snap Its Neck

    You Think You Have Comando Pro On So You Jump Off A 5 Story Building

    You walk into your bosses office, open his briefcase, make some beeping noises and throw it out the window saying “Bomb defused.”

    You put a flare by your xbox so you can spawn by it when you wake up.

    You kill a bug and say “Tango down

  5. sddfs777 Says:

    @TheBrandond12 no really

  6. ToXICxBLOND1E1 Says:

    @NarutoGeek411 Oh, right thanks dude

  7. Eaglerocker817 Says:

    I’ve seen someone survive a nuke when he was falling into final stand

  8. 22mrbitch Says:

    The f2000′s sight stays on because it’s battery powered

  9. algoz1257 Says:

    @TheHVMS quit being a stupid retard.
    You’re dead, but the laptop is still there.

  10. CebasvdH Says:

    Can you try to destroy a prodator missile whit a gun????

  11. brumley008 Says:

    If you knife as soon as you pull out your predator you hit them with the computer.

  12. TheBeastyChannel Says:

    I Sponsor! Pm me and get your vid well known! I started today but i will get big! Be the first one!
    If u have some sick clips send it to me and i will upload them!

  13. leonardlyra Says:

    @BROWNxLIGHTNING still not right, they´re the chickens from zelda

  14. MrMrdtrain1999 Says:

    U can survive a nuke with a pred

  15. TheHVMS Says:

    yeah i can suurvive a nuke with the predator
    you must open it right at 0:00 when the nuke will blow up everything

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