fifa 12 or modern warfare 3?


fifa 12 or modern warfare 3?

Thu, May 1, 2014

Modern Warfare 3

Question by : fifa 12 or modern warfare 3?
shall i get fifa 12 or modern warfare 3 on my xbox?

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Answer by Silver.shark
Modern warfare 3 , going to be awesome!!

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  1. Ezio Says:

    depends what your gonna play more if you love sports games get fifa if you like fps get mw2 simples eee

  2. Shotgunned Says:

    wow this is like trying to pick between gears of war and the sims

    come on now these are two COMPLETELY different games, so it really depends on what you are into

  3. Rishabh Tandon Says:

    Depends what u like mw3 is warfare but fifa is sports you really cant compare

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