Find Makarov – Modern Warfare 3 – MW3 Reveal Trailer (HD)


Find Makarov – Modern Warfare 3 – MW3 Reveal Trailer (HD)

Sun, Jul 10, 2011

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  1. Robert2431ab Says:


  2. dogbone222 Says:

    neh i know how to throw a knife

  3. viiReCoNzZ Says:

    -Moving around the map:
    MW3 – Quick and simple.
    BF3 – Boring as you have to run across the entire map cos noobs blew up the helicopter cos the controls on it are ridiculous.
    MW3 – Very fast due to the 60fps or more.
    BF3 – Slow and annoying due to the 50fps or less, and there’s a delay on the reaction time.
    -Weapon damage:
    MW3 – Most sniper rifles kill with one shot = how it’s meant to be.
    BF3 – Only headshots from certain sniper rifles kill with one shot.

  4. farcry2outlaw Says:

    @sniperpistol50 that is true. cod isn’t Realistic at all, but its fun

  5. nomongoes Says:

    @sniperpistol50 dude, no one cares

  6. sniperpistol50 Says:

    @789overdrive dude battllefeild is more realastic then anygame except for the operation flashpoint series, call of duty? i saw a guy shoot a .50 cal BMG standing and didnt kill the guy 2 the miniguns shot in a circle and not straight in MW2, they cant even get the Defcon Levels right in Black ops and the ballstic knife cant go 100 ft and still kill also, the maps in CoD are the sizeof Al Gore’s dick, the maps on Battelfeild are enourmous! you have to spend time in a chopper to cover it end toend

  7. Legoman775 Says:


  8. lukakiwi Says:

    well done!!!

  9. xBlooWahFullx Says:

    @sniperpistol50 Agreed. Battlefield at least makes attempts to create a better gaming experience. MW2.5 is going to be a shit game where you can snipe someone and miss by a foot and still get the kill

  10. GetShitOn13 Says:

    like this if you get random boners in class

  11. sniperpistol50 Says:

    Wow people…. The first few mins were fucking actors. It’s called live action. They do it all the time. They even did it for halo. And now cod? I’m buying battlefield 3… Atleast I won’t get spawn camped or fucking killed by a m9 that shoots like a fucking death machine.

  12. TheSugargliderkid Says:

    COD4 deserves a live action movie more than ANY other COD game IMO.

  13. dillonsmithliveca Says:

    @Crs30811 Although it was a short film not a fake trailer.

  14. 789overdrive Says:

    *ultra real life graphics from directx12
    *frostbite 3?
    *battlefield back to RIP

  15. GenXchaos Says:

    everyone is going to do the same to this game as they did in black ops!
    omg it looks soo good and its a briliant game!
    1 hour into the game fuck it. put to a side. or sell
    cod games have become a total let down and the price you have to pay for their maps

  16. vorwerkdrewins Says:

    Sweet! I just got the leaked mw3 beta from

  17. diamondboy163 Says:

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  18. vorwerkdrewins Says:

    Aw Sweet! I just got the leaked mw3 beta from

  19. MrRushiscool Says:

    FAKE but still awesome

  20. mm33dd Says:


  21. jorge95282 Says:

    taaa entero weno!!!! y realista!!

  22. irod123456 Says:

    this is not good…. this is better than bad ass duke nukem bad ass

  23. irvrod Says:

    this was fucking awesome

  24. nunspa Says:

    two words… BAD ASS

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