Fri, Apr 30, 2010


First inside look at call of duty 7 already!! Expected to be released at November 2010.


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  1. BigBertyB Says:

    i love to get rick rolled

  2. ZeroSkateboarder91 Says:

    I love this song so therefore i am not rick rolled

  3. Korndude4561 Says:

    i dont know what to say.

  4. bumblebee1924 Says:

    i hate these videos!

  5. l4dmagafan112 Says:

    oh well u only earn hatred and the title as a lair we win actually

  6. zIID4NIIz Says:

    U lot need to calm down what’s the point treyarch a haven’t released anything yet all these cod 7 videos will be fake until something arrives in a magazine and still have will be fake anyway

  7. spadesproductions Says:

    fuck rick roll

  8. FootballMaster459 Says:

    go fck ur mom wat the hel1 is with u bastardz

  9. billyzkool1 Says:

    when are they gonna spice it up with the russian rick roll

  10. Omarzx4502 Says:

    fuck you

  11. jimmy9016 Says:


  12. redigglehorn Says:

    mother fuck this is so gay you fag

  13. tommiepilou Says:

    i already thaught this was rickroll but i dont care i like the song

  14. thegearking123 Says:

    @TTLPvideos You cant rip off what u never had lol

  15. leeuwerink15 Says:

    i am beginning to like this song…..

  16. 12istLeon Says:

    U piece of shit I’m gonna rip ur balls of and make ur dad eat them u worthless abortion!

  17. krpto007 Says:

    ——————/´ ¯/)
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  18. paint207 Says:

    I hate you!

  19. mw2isbeast245 Says:

    are you one of those guys that like to masterbate to rick astleys pictures.

  20. DEADMAU54LIFE Says:

    i saw this one cummin der all rick rolls :L:L:L:L

  21. TTLPvideos Says:

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  22. MrARMYStrng Says:


  23. lovejoynuts Says:

    you know what fuck it next someone rick rolls me im going back in time and strangling the shit out of rick asstly

  24. r3tard3dbanana Says:

    HAHA ur a dumbass

  25. uckersas Says:

    you son of a bitch

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