Thu, Mar 3, 2011

Call of Duty 8

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  1. dseme11 Says:

    @TheLastSliceOfPie noooooooo mw2 multi was u can tthank the kids for abusing it it had nuthin to do with them the cod community complained about shit they did to themselves cause iw could release updates cuz activision wouldnt give em the money in order to blame activision and cod community

  2. XdeathbycornX Says:

    war better be in cod 8

  3. TheVidMaker99 Says:

    2 people from EA who had recently made Dead Space 2 and they that Dead Space 2 may influence them while making Call of Duty 8

  4. TheVidMaker99 Says:

    @TheSleepyPOTATO actually that’s not reliable, ‘Modern Warfare 3′ will actually be called Modern Warrior and the Space Warfare is just a rather pathetic rumour which isn’t true because you can tell where people have got it from. Sledgehammer games were founded by

  5. TheLastSliceOfPie Says:

    Infinity ward may make pretty good multiplayer (except irritating mw2 in my opinion) but their singleplayer campaigns are always WAY exaggerated and make you TOO badass, something WaW didn’t do. They also lack a lot of authenticity in terms of firearms, but whatever.

  6. TheSleepyPOTATO Says:

    I have a reliable source and in 2011 the call of duty’s will be called call of duty modern warfare 3 and call of duty space warfare

  7. Spongelukenb Says:

    @shadow199622pk respawn can’t make a cod game since cod is owned my activision and respawn is owned my Ea

  8. cooldrew11 Says:

    @jeddamate11 for realz

  9. jeddamate11 Says:

    @MAXLSSJ black ops isnt fun, theres no incentive, theres no addicting thing like mw2 or cod4

  10. shadow199622pk Says:

    @Britishboy31 bro that was a long time ago and it was not infinity wards it was the heads of IW but IW is still active

  11. shadow199622pk Says:

    @jeddamate11ok but which developer is working on it? IW or sledgehammer ? and what about respawn games? they are working on modern warfare?

  12. 2numa Says:

    nice music

  13. Britishboy31 Says:

    @jeddamate11 i heard that infinity ward had lost their contract with Activision?

  14. Britishboy31 Says:

    @EpicVidsEveryDay sledge hammer games is making an action-spinoff third person COD, whilst another company is making COD 8 (unknown title).

  15. MAXLSSJ Says:

    Are you crazy? Black ops is awsome aswell as MW2 your are not a cod fan.

  16. jeddamate11 Says:

    @MAXLSSJ i dont wanna go back to anythin related with black ops, its crap

  17. jeddamate11 Says:

    @EpicVidsEveryDay they are rumored to be in development of a massive multiplayer game

  18. EpicVidsEveryDay Says:

    I thought cod 8 was gonna be made by sledgehammer games? It even says on there site that they are in development of a call of duty game

  19. MAXLSSJ Says:

    it should be better MW3 telling the story on how north korea begins the 3 ww or BLACK OPS 2 in the vietnam war or a new era like the pacific war but I dont like the idea of going back to see the story of haracter that dies

  20. MrGreengorila Says:

    Check out my channel for an amazing tomahawk

  21. jeddamate11 Says:

    @Death2Fresh yep the gameplay will be like mw2

  22. Death2Fresh Says:

    its going to be made by infinity ward right? mordern warfare 2 style?

  23. Death2Fresh Says:

    its going to be made by infinity ward right? mordern warfre 2 style?

  24. jeddamate11 Says:

    @Timaayy2000 yeah i know haha

  25. Timaayy2000 Says:

    sick video

  26. Jujubear Says:

    Shut up about infinityward theyve broken up for all ive heard and they are crappy game makers compared to treyarch im glad there out sledge hammer seems like a pretty good replacement but there not gonna make some really far fetch future thing

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