Tue, Jan 3, 2012

Modern Warfare 3

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  1. AmazingQuikScopes16 Says:

    Yea guy ur not the best. I can use a P90 no attachments, not camping, and not using killstreaks to get all my kills. I got a 45 kill streak just using the P90 and no killstreaks

  2. xDrInKwAtErZx Says:

    i got 69

  3. chinomx90 Says:


  4. MrCurlywurly123456 Says:

    i got 76 on ps3

  5. xDareCinema Says:

    /watch?v=ehiUkfSbrvI White boy is always so misleading

  6. xDareCinema Says:

    why did i click this video?

  7. lolabugz77 Says:


  8. raimesey Says:

    this guys voice is the most annoying ever! also why does it take him 2 minutes just to say hello? welllllllllllllllllllllllll helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooo there ladieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees and gentlemennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

  9. scottm4c Says:

    How come you didn’t get the M.O.A.B

  10. jonnyv1nj Says:

    Why dont your kill streaks contribute to your career kill streak?

  11. lumbard83 Says:


  12. Carpenter2789 Says:

    Durbin89 hit me up

  13. Carpenter2789 Says:

    Dude their is a 74-0 on you tube

  14. JamenNamen Says:

    How are you able to play with people that don’t notice you constantly? I use the same rush to cover tactics as you, but people always seem to notice me!

    Also, camping, when you aren’t using a sniper or the MK14? … I’d hate to be in a match with you, just saying.

  15. FPSJaganjac Says:

    Sooo damn hard to do.

  16. downfallin Says:

    I definately learned that if I knew you in person i would kick ur ass. Ur voice pisses me off. But to be fair ur better than me at mw3. But ur a camping faggot all the same.

  17. MrPostcarder Says:

    This site legit works though guys I got 3 months now but if you guys use my link I’ll get more. then you can refer too and shit. I’m only telling you so I get more points and more live replace (period) with a perdiod freexboxgamecard(Period)com­/2653379

  18. swaggaboya Says:

    The best few I got so far was 43-7 , 26-1 and
    34-3 I am gonna post em on a new YouTube account soon

  19. Ditrix Says:

    this guy is a fucking fag

  20. xDTERRORz Says:

    if you like this and mw3 then check out my channel and comment rate and subscribe

  21. somebodyspecial54 Says:

    highest killstreak ever? 

  22. maxxwarrior7 Says:

    @mistyvermin hell yeah you did!!:)

  23. maxxwarrior7 Says:

    i hate this guy

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