How bad is the language/swearing in Modern Warfare 2 and how frequent?


How bad is the language/swearing in Modern Warfare 2 and how frequent?

Wed, Jul 14, 2010


I really want to purchase this game and I know the gore/violence isn’t quite as extreme (apart from the particular terrorist level) as say Gears of War but that game has content filters in so I can play it around my family without too much worry. But what about Modern Warfare 2?

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  1. Phil B Says:

    i think as in any video game, it depends on the gamers. if someone pisses them off they’re gona swear untill they are red in the face.
    i dont have modern warfare 2 but i have cod4, and since we type its usually okay…

  2. DIESEL Says:

    Yeah, Modern Warfare 2 gives you a choice in the beginning to skip any offensive parts of the game. There’s more parts that are pretty violent and disturbing in the game. So I don’t think you should play around kids.

  3. Sean Says:

    It’s not bad a all they say shit and dropped the F bomb a couple times. But its not that much. It’s rated M mostly for the violence.

  4. Ben Says:

    It isn’t as bad as most other war games that I have played (Killzone), and there is a feature where you can turn blood off. Overall, it is only rated M because of the fact that it is a war game and because of the “extra level” added in (which you can skip at no cost).

  5. Roxxas Says:

    Most games like this tend to have a swear blocker option somwehere.

  6. Nic Says:

    Online or off? if you mean online then theres really no telling. It all depends on who your gaming with. Most people dont use mics online anyways. But if you mean offline, like campaign, then you can filter it out. I would say its moderate. Not quite as bad a CoD5, but not nonexistant.

  7. Paul M Says:

    meh its not too bad but there are a few random people that go off thier heads you can just mute them though so you dont need to put up with them also at the start of the game and the terroist lever (no russsin) it asks you if you want to skip the mission or not due to disturbing content and that your achievements and awards will not be affected

  8. connor Says:

    For around the family.. you shouldn’t have modern warfare 2 blasting the particular sounds of this game around the house.

  9. T. Says:

    There isn’t a whole lot in the single player that I can recall…

    Multiplayer’s probably just as bad as COD4 was in terms of language, if not worse. There are no filters, you can mute people tho if thats what your looking for. No party chat any system.

  10. george Says:

    Ben how do u turn off the blood in the game please tell me step by step

  11. george Says:

    Ben how do u turn off the blood please tell me how!!!!

  12. tim Says:

    yeah mate online people can say what ever but in the actual campaign you can turn it off lol you guys are funny.

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