How can I convinve my parents to let me get Modern Warfare 2?


How can I convinve my parents to let me get Modern Warfare 2?

Fri, Nov 26, 2010


Alright, so my dad is a cop. He doesn’t like any shooting games at all. I have never been able to play T or M games until a year ago. I got rock band 2. Not a shooting game, nothing really bad about it. I have tried everything to be able to get Modern Warfare 2. Good grades, limited xbox time, etc. Any ideas what I could do?

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  1. Nikolas G Says:

    Buy it yourself and don’t tell them about it. I don’t think you’re going to be able to convince your dad that violence is okay.

  2. SockitToMe Says:

    Tell him if he doesn’t let you get it, you’ll enlist in the marines when you turn 18 to be able to experience what you missed out on first hand.

  3. isthasky2highforairgear Says:

    offer an ultimatum, say its your money, you’re growing up and they need to get used to you playing rated M games, or play on your own time and don’t tell them

  4. Sebastian M Says:

    What I asked my dad to do was buy the game so he could play it first and see the game before approving it.Also try telling him that you understand that is is just a game and you have no intention of ever actually being violent in real life.worked for me hope this helps.if u get it add me PorscheSM

  5. ufchitta93 Says:

    say get me mw2 or ill freakin hurt u dad hope this helps

  6. -------naruto------- Says:

    What Sebastian M said was what i was thinking when I saw this question.
    Ask him to buy it and preview it himself before you can play it.
    Your dad can ask the game store clerk or whoever about the game.
    Maybe some friends of yours talk to their dads.
    I cant play on weekdays and its like not having an xbox.
    I only play MW2 basically.
    Or your last resort is wait until college if your still interested in cod or video games in general.
    Hope you get it and good luck.

  7. lintball78265 Says:

    Tell them that at the beginning they ask you if you want to turn off the “disturbing stuff”. It does ask you this but it doesn’t really do anything except let you skip the airport level. If you don’t know what that is, ask your friend or someone you know who has the game. There isn’t any drug reference in the game except in special-ops which is ok. The worst word they say is in the end on the last level when some guy drops the f-bomb. I wouldn’t tell your parents that though. And if you have internet connection, play Xbox Live or whatever you have for your console. It completes the whole game. You can’t really see any blood except on the kill cam which you can watch on youtube. Hope your parents say yes.

  8. George Says:

    ok i have this same problem with my parents, “why would you want to play a game where the point is to blow people’s heads off, blah,blah,blah” mw2 isn’t really a bad game. you just have to show you’re parents this. go to a friend’s house and show them it there (make sure he doesn’t have a mic). skip the kill cam at all costs cus’ if he got a head shot blood will spray on the wall. don’t play at airport because of the blood on the them the box and how there is no gore or strong language, and explain how the drug reference isn’t actually in the game, it’s an online title you don’t have to use. this is how i got my parents to get me it, and others like it.

  9. Niko Says:

    Ask him to rent it and play it himself and he will see that it isn’t bad at all. Then, tell him that it is your money and that you should be able to do what you want with it.

  10. Nathan Says:

    say ime really sorry for yesterday (or whenever U were silly or norty) then hell say ok then u say no but ime really really really sorry for it then he
    will say ok then u get on one knee and beg for it all day if it takes that long



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