How can I get a chopper gunner in modern warfare 2?


How can I get a chopper gunner in modern warfare 2?

Thu, Apr 29, 2010

Call of Duty 4

I snipe in modern warfare 2(Intervention). There is a title I want to get but I have to get 3 chopper gunners, but I can’t seem to build up my kill streak. I have Predator Missile, Harriers, and chopper gunner, and I can’t even get a predator missile. Can some one please give me tips or something?


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  1. Mike Says:

    well you could use hardline. that gives you the killstreak one kill earlier. you shouldn’t really use care packages because they don’t help with the killstreak but you may get lucky and get a chopper gunner. I wouldn’t recommend using a care package.

  2. M Says:

    Hey Colin. I play MW2 also. With Intervention a good thing to do is find a good hiding spot and just snipe snipe snipe. Try not to get detected. I recommend the cold-blooded perk and ninja, so you can’t get detected by UAV, Thermal Scope, and heartbeat sensor. Also use the care-package. Sometimes, you can use the chopper gun with that. Hiding spots in Afghan, Estate, and Highrise are on the link. Check his other videos too!

  3. Dave Says:

    Use claymores to cover your back and put yourself in a good sniping spot. Use scavenger so if anyone trips your claymore you can set it back up. Also use the AA12 auto shotgun, the thing is a beast close quarters and will save your life if someon comes after you. Play conservative b/c all you really need to do is get the predator missile. Then try to get a double kill with that and call a harrier which will hopefully get you a chopper. If you aren’t good enough to get the predator missile, then get a care package and hope to get a chopper which will count towards the total.

  4. Brett C Says:

    you cant get the predator, then dont try for chopper gunner YET, im not saying youll never get it im saying practice and use other techniques and then try it, untill you get better use uav, care package, and predator. try new techniques, i have reccomend classes and tactics on my site check them out, i use then and i consistently get 10+ killstreaks per match. practice and slowly move up your killstreaks, you have to start small and work up you cant expect to be pro quick, try my classes and tactics on my site and hopefully they work if not email the email on my site, its my modern warfare 2 email and ill respond as soon as i read it. we will get you chopper gunners! lol also, use the 50 cal over intervention. its not hard once you practice.

  5. Laksmir Says:

    the best way to get kill streaks for the chopper gunner is to use the sniper and hide in a very good place. if you want to know where check it out on youtube. usually the best place to snipe is at the high rise. hope i helped :)

  6. Jesther Says:

    Well, I too use the Intervention. I get nukes 3/10 matches. But the killstreaks your using are the right ones if your just trying to get a Chupper Gunner. Put FMJ on your Intervention. The perks you should use are Slight of Hand, Stopping Power, and Steady Aim. Use .44 Magnum as a secondary. You should also use Claymores to cover you.
    Play Domination. The trick to getting a chopper gunner is to stay back if your sniping. You should know where the enimies are coming from and going by the bases they have captured. Try to Snipe with cover. When you kill 2 to 4 enimies you should switch your sniping spot. Once you get your Predator Missile, all you need to do is try and get 2+ kills with it. Use your Harrier on one of the enimies bases. Hide in a corner or a hidden spot until your harrier gets 4 kills. That shouldn’t be too hard.

    Hope this helped =)

  7. Dee See Says:

    you must suck then
    first of all
    chopper gunner

    UAV why? it shows enemies it shows who’s coming it shows your kills
    Guns? Don’t snipe unless your a pro sniper (headshots/1 shot kills) or stoppin power pro+fmj
    I use ump silence/fmj/stopping power. easy pavelow

  8. Smexxyboy Says:

    My Highest Killstreak is 126, and Do NOT, I Repeat Do NOT use Hardline, Use Stopping Power with the intervention, i would recommend using FMJ for it if u have it unlocked, u need as much damage as you can get for 1 shot kills, you should look into quickscoping, but until then, when you snipe, you should not stay in one hiding spot, but stay in one spot, get a couple kills, move to another spot, get a few more, and so on, hope that this helped ^^

  9. li1buny Says:

    I would say to use thermal and FMJ,(Bling) stopping power, and steady aim, the secondary weapon should be the spas-12 with grip and FMJ (i you have them and bling pro) dont ever use the pave low because it doesnt increase your killstreak. I would use the Barret .50 cali instead of the intervention.

  10. Frencheez Says:

    Never use Hardline . Don’t even think about sniping unless if you know what you’re doing.
    I recommend you to get UMP45 with Stopping power, with a good secondary to kill when you got no more ammo.

  11. John Says:

    use hard line which makes kill streaks require 1 less kill, also use care package instead of predator or harrier because theres a small chance that it will give you chopper gunner

  12. xTheProdigy23x Says:

    im in a bit of a slump right now but i use:
    slight of hand PRO
    Stopping power PRO
    Commando PRO
    And Martrydom

    My killstreaks are care package Attack Helicopter and Chopper gunner.
    when i wasnt in a slump i went 35+ a game but since i hit this slump my average is only 24 kills a game and 26 deaths.

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