How can i start a clan in Call of Duty MW 2?


How can i start a clan in Call of Duty MW 2?

Thu, May 6, 2010


me and my friends want to start a clan for call of duty modern warfare 2 but we don’t know what to. Do you have to register it on a website or just make one up?


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  1. F_S_U Says:

    All u have to do is type it into your clan tag thing. Up to four characters. You can make a website to show it off if you really feel like it

  2. Noah Says:

    Well, if Your really serious about this clan thing you can go to! Its the bigges online gaming community (hold tournaments) You can set up a clan there for mw2 and grab a match against another player. Just 1 tip the ppl on there have no lifes and are EXTREMELY good so watch out!

  3. Lil J Says:

    both the answers above are right. You can just make it up and type in the clan tag or you can get serious and go to

  4. James Says: is where you can go to have matches with other clans, and if you need a free website for your clan with forums and stuff is the best place for one. Tons of mw2 clans on there

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