How can two people play Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer on the same Wireless Router?


How can two people play Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer on the same Wireless Router?

Fri, Apr 30, 2010


Trying to play Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer with my buddy on the same wireless router. Is there any other way accomplishing this? Do i need to buy a better router? On my regular router if we both try to play all we get is lag.

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  1. Andy Says:


    what router do you have? I would guess you have one of the most common average family routers the WRT54G Lynksis. There are better routers but me and my brother always played halo 3 at the same time and never had any problems. (with that router)

    It wouldnt be the router tho in most cases. It would be the internet speed. Recommended is 2 megs but I think higher is better becuase more people can do more things on the internet. If you have under 2 megs that would cuase lag. If anyone is playing flash games on the internet or watching youtube (really anything with flash) it will cause you to lag.

  2. Nathan Says:

    If you have 2 consoles either xbox or ps3 you should just wirelessley connect to the router. Ummm if you can connect but just dont know how to set it up all you have to do is go on one xbox and go to multiplayer then go and set up a sytem link but im not sure if you can do this on a ps3

  3. Emolk Says:

    maybe get another router

  4. tuckywalnut Says:

    if you are both on pc’s ..and not trying to cross-platform 1pc and an xbox360?
    .. then
    in the IWnet screen
    instead of going into the ‘Find Game’

    either click ‘invite friiend’ button or ‘shift & tab’ to steam and invite your friend -to your party!
    then go into ‘private match’
    as you are on the same network you should have a low ping -meaning a fast connection with eachother..

    if not then on an internet explorer window or firefox window
    type or
    and go into your router settings
    maybe you need to add both computers to your wired allowed network list always seems to help me.. .. please tell me you aren’t both trying to play over the wireless?
    as your router’s rj45 cat5 cable -or now cat6 is so much faster !!!

    good luck sorting it gaming with friends rocks! :*)>~ Rich 0range

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