How come i cant create a class on call of duty modern warfare 2?


How come i cant create a class on call of duty modern warfare 2?

Sun, Oct 17, 2010


Okay, im new to playing modern warfare 2 and today i tried fo create a class. When i clicked on the option it said that i had to be a lever four. How do i get to be a level four and how do i tell what level im at now?

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  1. Muffinness666 Says:

    you kill people and you use your eyes

  2. steyrnumber1 Says:

    you need to be at least lvl 4 to create a class

  3. Questioner Says:

    You kill people with the default classes then once you reach level 4 you can start creating your own. Then after you create your classes look at the weapons challenges and do those to level a bit faster and gain attachments.

  4. Matthew Says:

    u play online against ppl and get kills to rank up and online it will show ur prestige

  5. lil miss rockstar! Says:

    Play Online And For Challenges And Kills, You Get XP Points. Once You Reach A Certain Amount Of XP, You Are Promoted! You Are Level 1, So You Just Have To Play With The Default Classes For Now. Dont Worry Tho, The First..About 10-30 Levels Are EASY To Be Promoted. :D

  6. Supposed Says:

    If you’ll look by your name there will be a number, that is your level/rank. To raise your level you have to play online to get experience points.

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