How come the new call of duty modern warfare arrived before the release date?


How come the new call of duty modern warfare arrived before the release date?

Sun, Aug 8, 2010

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I got the new call of duty modern warfare 2 on saturday the 7th and it is not released until the 10th. I had ordered it from amazon and I have no idea why it arrived early. Anyone have an idea why this is?


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  1. yuaya Says:

    It was most likely an accident and they didn’t pay attention that it was MW2. If i were you, i would definitely not play online, since the infinity ward people may think that you illegally got the game, so they might ban you from playing multiplayer on that account. So, just play campaign or something, since your so lucky you got it!

  2. ninjaassasin Says:

    because u ordered it over the computer but bro gratz thts awsome

  3. joypatra Says:

    Typically the stores get their physical stock much earlier so that they can be ready with those on the launch date. I’m not sure whether shipping start date for retail customers is usually earlier than that. Anyway, this is part of legalese between Amazon and the manufacturer.

    Are you worried about whether it’s a pirated copy or not? You can always get it verified from the manufacturer.

  4. Jeremy Says:

    If you pre order a game from a website like,,, etc. and not choose to pick it up at the store but it to be delivered, then you could get your game up to a few days before it actual comes out. The reason for this is because Infinity Ward has been finished with the game for awhile now so when they ship it out… it first goes to the stores but they can’t release the game even though they already have it… until the release date.

    The reason you got it early is because stores like Bestbuy ship the game around 5 days before the release date to insure that you end up with the game on or before the release date.

    A release date is when a store is allowed to sell a game, not when it can be shipped out. It’s basically just a general idea of when the game will reach your hands.

    I hope you enjoy MW2, it’s nice that you got a little jump start by getting the game early to move up in your ranks before most people. Have fun gaming.

  5. techology page Says:

    its probably coz amazon shipped it out to you and the postal service was surprisingly efficient :)

  6. cockfieldcasey Says:

    several of our members had the copy 2 weeks before the release date, check the site for details :D

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