How did my friend get Modern Warfare 2 several days in advance?


How did my friend get Modern Warfare 2 several days in advance?

Tue, Jan 3, 2012

Modern Warfare 3

Question by Clay P: How did my friend get Modern Warfare 2 several days in advance?
I was looking at my friends list on PSN the other day and one of my friends was playing Modern Warfare 2. It wasn’t a beta or a demo. It is the actual game. He does live in America (New York I think) so there is no way it is because it released earlier in another country. Any ideas?

Best answer:

If it was several days he was most probably playing a burnt copy. If it started yesterday some people were shipped it a day early. It was a “Shipping error” from a website known for their very common “Shipping errors”

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  1. OnlinePredator Says:

    Some stores break the release date so they can sell all their copies before their competitor. It always happens to other games also.

    Also, some people hook their friends up if they work at Gamestop.

  2. nick235026 Says:

    he might live in another country if you don’t know him. other contrys get games faster

  3. D.R.E. Says:

    He obviously knows someone that knows someone that can get a retailer to sale him the game before the street date.A few of my psn friends have had modern warfare 2 since last friday.

  4. idk Says:

    me too two of my friends on the ps3 have it already. i asked them and they said some stores sold them earlier.

  5. D3ZZY Says:

    Gamestop announced that they allowed some northeast stores to sell the game early because small businesses were selling already and Gamestop didn’t want competiotin.

    Ur friend’s one of the lucky ppeople in the northeast.

  6. Watagatapitusberry !!!! Says:

    either a burnt game or he just got the hookup

  7. AJ Says:

    He got lucky lol. I got mine this morning so its all good lol

  8. Billo Says:

    The same way i got my copy early. If you have friends or cousins or something that work at video game stores or Microsoft, or if you yourself work there. Some smaller stores sell the game to people for more money, because they don’t care when the game comes out.

  9. cockfieldcasey Says:

    You should have asked that question here


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  10. Immortal Technique Says:

    well in some countries they actually pre-released the game because they were so big on it that they didnt want any riots accuring. i know because i read it on the internet =P

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