How do i become a pro call of duty player?


How do i become a pro call of duty player?

Fri, Aug 13, 2010


I play a lot of call of duty, but im just wondering what it takes to become a sponsored pro player.


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  1. Mr. DJ Says:

    Dont lose

  2. Jesus C Says:

    Get PhD in wasting time.

  3. Kelly Says:

    I played COD4 professionally. I was sponsored by Xtreme Games out of Sarasota. Basically what I did to get noticed was competed in every local tourney I could. I got noticed after winning a few and then they asked me to sign with them.

    I only made about $19,000 playing over about a years time.

  4. Forever The Sickest Ash Says:

    Join DsK, PSN: Sn1p3rSpR33, We never Lose and Sponsored.
    Plus you’ll need to be good to join of course.

  5. Der Kaiser Says:

    Play the game 24 hours per day

  6. blahyo555 Says:

    Just be Godly. like me. =P lol. It takes dedication.
    find a gun you like. and never switch. no matter what the circumstances. one of the common choices is the M40 or the Mp5. But personally the ak74u is my favorite.
    Just practice. and No life, really.

  7. jcurrieii Says:

    You become a pro video game player by playing alot…having no real life outside the game (for most), and being VERY good. Even then, you have to be noticed…and there is a serious chance that you’ll spend more to make it than you’ll ever make.

    There are only a few games I can think of that have good cash involved, and for one of them, it involves you moving to Korea (Starcraft – the good Professional Starcraft players are treated like Rock Gods, but have no chance to take advantage of the status, since they practice for upto16 hours a day, and are constantly monitored by their coaches).

    Good Luck!

  8. s m Says:

    if you want to have a life other than cod it is very hard to become a pro

  9. jalen Says:

    heres a few steps that i learned that helped my alot,

    step one: never just sprint around courners, always take your time and lay down when you go past the corners.

    step two: get to know the map, get to know were people respond, i persanlly think combat training is a good way to get to know were people respond. (go to spectator mode to watch other people play during games, for the xbox press B when your choosing a class and press O for PS3.) and play by yourself in a private party to get to know the map and great sniping places. step three: use the radar for an advantage. when you see orange dots on the radar that means there is a foe shooting right there. dont get cocky and run over there.

    step four: DO NOT trust spy planes, people use the perk “ghost” so they dont show up on radars.

    step five: do not try to kill sombody that is next to you with there gun, try to knife them. (if you accedently shoot, you might as well kill them with your gun.)

    step six: learn the best spots in the map to go, (exp: In summit go upstairs in the control room and camp there; people come there all the time.)

    The best class i like are is: The G11 with tiger camo (no scope) with flak jacket, ninja, and slight of hands. with nova gass with semtexts. i also like the claymore and when you put it at a door; put it at an angle.

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