How do I move faster in Modern Warfare 3?


How do I move faster in Modern Warfare 3?

Sat, Nov 19, 2011

Modern Warfare 3

Modern Warfare 3

Question by Kobe,Lebron,Wade,Carmelo Fan: How do I move faster in Modern Warfare 3?
With one of my classes in Modern Warfare 3 I move faster. Gold gun)
Does a perk produce speed?

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Answer by rau
A perk doesn’t produce speed and you can move faster if you have a fast connection

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  1. Casey Stinnett Says:

    yes light weight is the perk your looking for plus if you have a heavy gun it will slow you down

    and rau dosnt know what he is talking about look for light weight

  2. First Namefranswa Says:

    hold in R2 it should for in 6 seconds if not hold in R3

  3. UpYourTetraBox Says:

    by buying SKYRIM

  4. M Says:

    It all depends on the gun you have and also there is no lightweight. Also, your connection does affect how you move. Sometimes when you lag, it feels like you are running in syrup. Stalker Pro also helps with moving faster while aiming but there isn’t anything that will make you move “faster.”

  5. MehSmerk Says:

    Press R3

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