How do you change your characters appearance on modern warfare 2?


How do you change your characters appearance on modern warfare 2?

Wed, Dec 21, 2011

Modern Warfare 3

Question by andrew_edgin: How do you change your characters appearance on modern warfare 2?
How do you change your characters appearance on modern warfare 2? What I mean by this is some guys online have sniper camo and others are wearing just regular clothes? Does it change every time you prestige or is there some other way to upgrade to a different appearance? If you can tell me how to do this is it the same on both the xbox 360 and ps3 systems?

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Answer by master of disaster
To my knowledge there is no way to change it. It all depends on if you are on th U.S (rangers or TF141) team or the other( mitita and another one that i forget). For the sniper camo you unlock it through the Challenge ” Gillie in the mist” which is under the basic training challenges.

Once you unlock the correct chalange that camo goes on your player when you have a sniper in your ptimary wepons slot for that class.

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  1. Dave Says:

    theres no way to customize to your apperance but if you have a sniper as your main class then you will spawn in a ghillie suit.

  2. ryan Says:

    The Gillie is obtained my completing ‘Gillie in the Mist’ missions on your Barracks tab, you will automatically have a Gilly-suit on maps such as ‘Estate’ or any woodland based map.

  3. Kp Says:

    You have to complete the Ghille in the Mist challenges.

    Artic Camo= 100 1-Shot Kills

    Urban= 200 1-Shot Kills

    Desert= 300 1-Shot Kills

  4. George Says:

    The characters change based on the level you play and the team you choose.

    You can customize your skins for your guns as you start to get more kills with that particular gun. You might want to check out some of the videos from the website I’ve listed below.

  5. LawrenceJK Says:

    Your characters clothes don’t change depending on what level you are on or what challenges you have completed. For example these noobs saying that you have to complete “ghillie in the mist” challenge to get a ghillie suit is bullshit. You simply just have to have a sniper rifle as your primary weapon in one of your classes and use that class. As for the others, it just depends what team you are assigned to, i.e. Rangers or Seals etc.

  6. Stix Says:

    You can mildly change your character’s clothers. If you have completed the Ghillie in the Mist challenges then when you are a sniper your ghillie suit will change according to the map. (i.e. derail-white ghillie suit, estate-woodland ghillie suit, and karachi-urban ghillie suit) Also, as far as I know, depending on what class you choose you clothes will change accordingly. So, if you have a light machine gun vs. an assault rifle your dress will change slightly from that. Hope this helps a bit!

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