How do you get out of a jury duty call?


How do you get out of a jury duty call?

Sun, May 9, 2010


I am suppose to go in for jury duty interview. I forgot when I told the courts I would come in that I am going to be gone in another state on the date of choosing a jury.


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  1. ckm1956 Says:

    Contact the court ASAP.

    You MIGHT be able to get it rescheduled. However, they may say no. In which case, you’d better reschedule your trip.

  2. Barry auh2o Says:

    It seems everybody who is tagged for jury duty wants to get out of it. The result?? The courts are taking ther view that unless you died or are scheduled for a testicle transplant, they will not give an excuse.
    I suggest you contact the jury commissioner first thing in the AM and plead your case.

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