How do you system link 2 xbox’s for call of duty 4 through a college internet?


How do you system link 2 xbox’s for call of duty 4 through a college internet?

Wed, Apr 7, 2010

Call of Duty 4

my 7 friends and i are trying to play a 4 on 4 call of duty match through 2 xbox’s and 2 tvs but for some reason every time we start it, it’s only 1 on 1 how do we get 4 on 4 to work?


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  1. johnny_vaughn13 Says:

    Do you have a system link cord

  2. joevsyou Says:

    lol you cant play thu live. why dont you buy all xboxs and boom

  3. Kyle Says:

    only one person can play on an xbox at a time if you play online/system link

  4. Mr W Says:

    Just plug the ethernet cables (internet cable) straight into the Xbox’s (don’t use the internet otherwise it’s 1v1).

  5. Slim Jim Says:

    Well, there are things I can’t answer about this, because I dont’ know what kind of safety precautions and limitations the college intranet has on it.

    However, I can positively tell you that there is a way to do almost anything. If you want to contact me feel free. I’ll talk ya through it…

    (Vote Moi For Best Answer) (gratuitous I know, but bah)

  6. Sak Says:

    You can only play with multiple player from one xbox to another via xbox live. LAN / System Link support is only for 1 xbox, 1 game, 1 player per TV

  7. Andrew Says:

    I set up a 8 person party to do some system-link CoD: MW2, and to our disappointment, one 1 person was allowed on each Xbox for system link. We were all not only agrevated, but annoyed that we could do 4 person split screen, but not 4-player split screen system link. What ever happened to the idea of LAN parties? Halo/Bungie seems to be the only company/game that’s keeping them alive. :/ Which is why Halo is all me and my friends play.

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