how do you transfer modern warfare 2 guns from one gamertag to another?


how do you transfer modern warfare 2 guns from one gamertag to another?

Sat, May 8, 2010


I have xbox live for modern warfare 2 and I am making a new gamertag. I would like to start at the level I have made it to on my other profile does anyone know if i can transfer all the guns, equipment, perks, etc?

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  1. Bob Taylor Says:

    you cant.sorry my friend.

  2. CynicalAA22 Says:

    It’s impossible. There is no way to do it at all.

  3. Johnny N. Says:

    problem is new gamertag = new person. sorry but you have to start from square 1

  4. mr_j526 Says:

    You can not transfer anything from one profile to another like that, unless you are an expert hacker.

  5. Jinger Says:

    you cannot transfer guns from a gamertag to another.

  6. Khaos Says:

    If you are making a new gamertag, you cannot transfer your Modern Warfare 2 profile over to the new one. IW.NET profiles are strictly tied to your gamertag. You’re better off spending the Microsoft points to changeyour gamertag to something you like, instead of making a brand new one, which will allow you to keep your MW2 weapons and such.

  7. Dionisio Says:

    No, you cannot move perks or guns because your profile is strictly tied to your gamertag. You can otherwise pay 800 Ms points to change your gamertag (just a rip off), though you’ll be able to keep your guns, perks, etc.

  8. Brett C Says:

    you cant, but if you want to change your gamertag ive herd of people asking people in every match to report their name, after a certain amount of complaints this is supose to make you change your gamertag. but ive never dont this so do at your own risk, other then that you cant transfer anything.

  9. kelvin. Says:

    go to “my profile” and edit your username, you have to have 800 microsoft points to do so i think.

  10. RaMu Says:

    people are right, there is no way that you can transfer guns to a new profile. I say this because when you create a gamertag it is a totally new profile, meaning you have to start at level 1 again. And you also have to get all the achievements for that account (they will still be on you hard drive but just not for that account). Hope this helps.

  11. Sunomen Says:

    you have to start over again

  12. Michael Says:

    if you just change you name you can, otherwise with a new account you start from scratch

  13. Bob Says:

    you cant because what if everyone made accounts for their friends and every one had the best guns that is cheating cause you did not earn the guns yourself sorry

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